Different shakers

Just ordered my first batch of huel(gonna be sitting at the door like a puppy) I done the whole new customer thing (tee+bottle) I was wondering what the bottle was like? Is it like a tornado shaker or just a bottle? Will throwing a blender ball help with mixing it all up? Thanks

The shaker you will receive is the Buchsteiner MixMaster, with a grid:
or http://huel.com/collections/other-huel-products/products/clear-shaker
or http://huel.com/collections/other-huel-products/products/black-steel-shaker
If you shake it thoroughly enough, it will do the job and you’ll have no lumps, so no need for a blender ball.

Has anyone ever used these shakers?

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Looks like a pain to clean.

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Well, I bought that Cyclone shaker becaue I wanted a replacement after I accidental broke one of my Huel shakers. I went for a deal that came with a bonus normal shaker. Anyway, here is my review.


  • No large lumps.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Has a compartment on the bottom for putting extra powder in.


  • Only 500ml (but, as with other shakers, you can poor more water into the spout once the lid is closed).
  • Still some small lumps.
  • More hassle to clean than a standard shaker (but not impossible).

For me, this shaker didn’t quite live up to it’s hype. Sure, it eliminates any large lumps, but not really any better than a normal shaker with a mixer ball in it. Luckily, I got a standard shaker as a bonus with it. Otherwise, I would say it’s not really worth the money.

So my advice to people is, if you really want totally smooth Huel, you need to use a blender. If you want to use a shaker, in my experience you can minimise the size of the lumps by using a shaker ball. That’s cheaper and easier to clean than this hyped up shaker.

Looks good, though.


Thank you @Marcus very informative.

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I ordered this one:


It comes with a blender ball and two ‘jars’ that twist on under the shaker. The photo above shows the shaker with one jar attached to it.

The shaker itself can hold about 500ml, but only if you top it up with the lid on. I used it for about 400ml of water and two and a bit scoops of Huel. After a bit of shaking it did come out pretty smooth and with no lumps. This means I can pretty much dump my blender that sounds like a jet engine.

The two little jars are pretty handy too as you could, in theory, make up some Huel in the shaker then put more, spare, Huel in the jars. The little jar has a compartment in the lid for pills/medication.

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Have you tested how much Huel can fit in the “jars”? I’ve thought about something like this but to be useful to me I’d want to be able to get 100g in each one.

I’ve not tested their capacity yet as I don’t have much Huel left, but I have more coming tomorrow. Once I’ve got my new batch I’ll test how many scoops I can fit in each of the three available ‘jars’ and post the results here.

Awesome, thanks.

Here comes the science bit:

SMALL (100cc) - This jar can easily hold 1 scoop. Maybe even one and a bit, but there’s no much room at the top as the lid on this one has the little bit for the pills. Removing that you could probably pack in 1.5 scoops. Having said that, the bit in the lid for the pills could be used for stashing some flavouring powder.

MEDIUM (150cc) - This one can take two scoops. Packing it in you might get 2.25 scoops.

LARGE (250cc) - This one will easily take 3 scoops. Probably 3.5 if you pack it in. Please note: this one is NOT included with the shaker. You need to buy the extra three jars to get this large jar. Only the small and medium come with the shaker.

So, there we have it @william

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Which size does the LARGE one has?

Do you mean the size of the LARGE jar, or the amount it holds?

The official size? Is it the 250cc one which can hold 3 scoops?

Yes, the LARGE is the 250cc jar. I’ve edited my ‘scientific data’ :grin: to show this.

Perfect, thank you. I will order that one…

Maybe huel could approach the manufacturer and order a shaker with one large storage jar and huel branding? Around £12? Personally I prefer the grid to the ball.

I tend to store one portion in my shaker and having a second underneath would be very handy. At the moment I just carry a second shaker round at work.
Also the carry or clipping ring would be very useful.

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The only thing I have used with Huel

Convenient and easy to clean under the tap


Will second the Breville Blend Active suggestion

Good quality bottles and easy to clean and prepare. Like many of the bottles, half fill with liquid, blend and then top up. I usually give it another quick blitz after I added the water as well.

You can also usually pick these up for around £20

While on the search for the perfect bottle - I have been using 2 x Camelbak insulated one for breakfast and one for lunch Huel . I make them up the night before and then store in the fridge.

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