Do people recommend any other shakers?

New Hueligan here.

Day 5 today of drinking 1 or 2 servings each day of Huel Black and I’m loving it. It’s a game changer for me in terms of getting proper nutrition, plenty of protein, not too many calories and convenience. The taste (banana being my favourite; and strawberries & cream being nice too) is also great and any lumps after shaking just make it more interesting (in a nice way) when drinking. Really happy here!

I was just wondering whether people use any other shakers ?

I tried the Huel shaker but - compared to my protein shake shaker, a Helimix - the diameter of the Huel shaker’s opening is a bit smaller making scooping in Huel a bit more messy. The Helimix is also easier to clean (as there’s no grid, spring or ball inside the shaker) and so I can just quickly rinse it out with water and leave it to dry and only give it a proper clean with soapy water every few days. At the moment, I’m therefore using the Helimix for Huel.

The only downside of the Helimix is that when filled with 500ml of water and two scoops of Huel, it’s already at the top of the shaker and I have to take care not to have Huel spill out. However, even filled to the brim and then shaken, the mixed Huel is good and I don’t mind any remaining lumps.

I don’t think there is a perfect shaker. I’ve tried quite a few different ones over the years, with metal balls, grids, nothing, plastic balls and I still think the original Huel shaker is hard to beat. Maybe why so many people use it. Still find the cap a bit annoying.

I actually prefer using the new Huel shaker as it looks better and is nicer to drink from which is a consideration of course. Fits better in my hand too. Also the cap is removable. It’s a little harder to clean and also I agree can be more messy to fill, and also only one marking inside for measuring liquid. But having drunk Huel for many years and always having a 400kc meal I measure my eye anyway.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll give the new Huel shaker another go tonight and take more care when scooping in the powder.

For cleaning, I’ve found it’s easier to do so if after drinking the 500ml of Huel, I add some more water to the now empty shaker, shake and drink that water too (which is very cloudy presumably meaning that there was still a lot of Huel left on the sides of the shaker).

Now if only I can find a way to get Huel from the bag into the shaker without always leaving some on the table (which I can see will be a bigger problem when I come to finish a bag and need to tip out the remaining Huel at the bottom). First world problems…!

Using a jam funnel helps. I have a Kilner stainless steel easy fill funnel which is great for the job,

When I get near the bottom of a bag I open up a new one and tip the last of the first into the top of the second. A slight flavour mix is always ok.

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That’s a great idea! You’ve saved me from wondering what to do once my first bag of Huel runs out! :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually I found tipping the last of the powder out quite tricky, the bag has lots of corners and folds for the powder to get stuck in and the sealing strips catch a lot of it.

I found the best way is to completely invert one bag over the other, inserting the whole of the mouth of the top bag into the mouth of the lower one. Then tap the top bag all over and bash it around a bit so all the last bits of powder fall through.

Then find a new use for the empty bag. :wink:

(oops… way off topic!)

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I rarely manage to get Huel out of the bag without making some mess each time. It’s why I empty the whole bag when it’s new into a dry food / cereal style container and then spoon it out from that.

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anyone with the shakes could consider an opaque / air tight food container like this - wide mouth and good seals/barriers

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I use these containers. They even come with labels and an indelible pen. Whatever you use, remember that a bag of Huel needs a 4 litre containers.

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I use the Blender Bottle brand. Classic V2 in 28 ounce. Huel shakers are a very poor design

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Especially for big meals like 700/800 calories, I can recommend a 1,3 litre/45 oz shaker.
I have one from blenderBottle and really like it.

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No idea about relative efficiency but I think the Huel shaker is aesthetically superior to the standard transparent flower-vase clip-top alternatives. Huel’s design ID is very strong.