Applied Nutrition Tornado Shaker


I’m on my 3rd or 4th week of Huel now and use it mostly for saving money at work rather than blowing a fiver a day on a meal deal and bar of chocolate or two (i’m also hoping its shifts a few pounds).

Because i use it at work i feel a bit of a div shaking my shaker in the kitchen area, and for convinience I keep my huel in my drawer in the office.

So, I bought one of them tornado shakers from applied nutrition and (with duracel batteries!) with the little electric motor in the bottom. Its completely changed the consistency from being bitty and occasionally making me cough as it got stuck in my throat on the way down to being nice and smooth and easy to drink. Best 9 quid i’ve spent.

I spoon it in rather than using the scoop as it dumps too much in but 6-8 tblspns is about 2 scoops :slight_smile:

Hope this helps anyone in a similar position




sounds awfully worth it

i keep considering these

so do you use the usual 400-500ml of aqua?