Alternate shakers

I commute to and from work with my huel but have had several instances of my shaker popping open and spilling… Everywhere. I will carry it but the lid isn’t secure enough to clip onto anything and I don’t trust it in my bag.
What other shakers have you all found that is good for an on the go experience but with the same 700 ml capacity of the huel shaker?

I mix my Huel in the regular shaker (or in a blender), but when I bring it with me on my commute I use a 700 ml Chilly’s thermos bottle. Not only doesn’t it pop open but it also keeps the Huel cool. It’s worth the extra dishes.

I wrap my shaker in cling film. Works well for me.

One of these is great:

I have the KUUK shaker hunza links to but I found it quite unpleasantly cold to hold on my commute. Also wasn’t as efficient to shake as the standard Huel bottles (Buchsteiner’s).

I’m intrigued by the shaker that was on dragon’s den, shake sphere. They’re expensive, but they come in 700ml and 835ml and it looks like there’s a loop for a carabina too. Anyone bought one?

I got a cheap shaker from eBay that’s pretty pants when it comes to huel, so far I like the huel shaker best but I got the same brand from myprotein for about £2. I want a girly shaker personally, something with funky colours or patterns that doesn’t just have a brand name on.
I’ve never had a problem with the lids popping open but on reviews I’ve seen it seems they are occasionally faulty.

That’s exactly how I feel! I want something with personality but that’s also functional. I do really love my huel shaker because of its brand logo, I want to show off the brand!

Gutted that you’ve had multiple shaker explosions. I carry my shaker in my rucksack all the time and haven’t had a problem. Does there look like there’s anything wrong with yours?

Sorry that we go with the black and white design scheme. What if the shaker was all white with a black lid? I have no idea if that is possible but would that be better? I can’t see us starting to use multi-colour lids like protein brands do.

Ooo these look really good - though its a little unclear to me whether you have to have the powder-carrying base unit screwed on if you don’t need it? Likewise the pill-compartment…

A white shaker would make it stand out from other shakers on the market, but may make it harder to measure liquid? I wasn’t suggesting that huel personally make designer shakers, it’s just something I’d like to see more of on the general market. But, like Chanel said, I do like to show off the huel brand more than myprotein etc., so perhaps we just need huel stickers for our shakers! Haha!

@ibid - not sure but I think the bottom compartment can be removed completely.

I really like the huel shaker. It looks so clean, I’m just not able to carry it in my bag without worrying about it losing all of its contents.

I can see the issue with the cold though it doesn’t bother me, but shaking is absolutely fine for me…make a koozie I guess.

I am personally using this one:

It is perfect for 3 scoops of Huel and at the end I have a blended Huel in 5 seconds without making anything extra dirty.

I use this one from Tesco. I mix as usual in the Huel shaker and leave it overnight in the fridge - I transfer it into the flask in the morning so it’s not too cold to carry on my commute! No leaks and it’s easy to clean.

I went mad and got some chilly bottles.



Do you have any issues with cleaning them, having such a small opening?

You can buy a special Chilly’s bottle brush! It looks a little like a toilet brush but probably does the job. I’ve not used my Chilly’s bottle for Huel before but it’s great for a hot coffee on top of a large hill!


In the interest of balancing out the discussion around the current shakers, I’ve never had a problem with either of mine (I inherited an extra one from my brother who couldn’t get into it). Even though the plastic arm has fractured near the little round lid from a year of popping open and shut, I have never had a problem with leakage

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Do you carry yours anywhere or do you only huel at home? I do love the huel shaker if I’m stationary.

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I put mine in my bag nearly every day and it doesn’t spill. You’ve got to really make it clicks on though, I don’t imagine there is any substance worse than Huel to coat the contents of your bag :joy: Just talking about it with you now I’m thinking I should at least put the shaker inside a plastic bag before putting it in