New Huel shaker/flask coming

Looks like we’re getting a new shaker/flask. Looks potentially like a better option for transport than the traditional shaker.

Teaser video on Huel’s Instagram story. -

UPDATE: Not metal or insulated but looks great for a shaker, good for branding.


That looks badass whoever designed that.


Finallyy!!! It looks great!!

The inspiration from Dopper its quite big but its great!!

Will it replace the current shaker or just an alternative @Tim_Huel ?


You mean its a “dopper-gänger” - Geddit???

It looks like something batman would use.

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All will be revealed soon :shushing_face:


The only similarity is they are both tall and cylindrical. The shape of the neck, the cap and the position of the cap (being off centre), and the inclusion of a lanyard are totally different to Dopper.

Huel designed their own shaker, and in the thread to promote it, you post a picture of someone else’s, claiming they have used it for inspiration?


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I really like the design!

But the inspiration is there, and I have said in this forum years ago that the Dopper system is one of the best of the market, so if there is any inspiration, they have looked into the best designs, and that is great. The bottle tap its great with the low neck and the inclination will help to drink. The footprint seems oval and that is good for carring it in the backpack.

Also making it a 3 parts bottle with a wide open for the powder is great like Dopper.

I really am looking forward for the reveal. One of the most exciting news as a hueligan since 2017

Send help.

when I first saw the top with the loop I thought they’d done a cobranded BlenderBottle model but the rest of it looks totally different - cant’t wait for FedEx to screw up that delivery :slight_smile:


Maybe not?


I guess the shiny plastic looked a bit metallic. Anyway, I really like the look of this, brilliant for branding.

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Love the look of this. I only hope I can fit my 600 calorie meals in it

Anyone have any idea of the volume? I assume it’ll be similar to the current one so I’m sure it’s all good

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because its Tritan - very hard/durable/glossy. lasts much longer than conventional shakers. If you have had/used a shaker like a BlenderBottle Pro - these are made of the same material for your reference - as are the jugs in most high end blenders.

I like it. Not on the store yet!

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nice that it has a round top and base too - means it will work very well with mixer balls/whisks.

Is this image real? Where did it came from?

Email received today.

You should have an email