Shaker & Scoop

Feedback/ idea regarding a potentially new Shaker & Scoop (which would be a bit of a roll back to the classic design, at least functionality-wise).

Make a Scoop shallower (the old one was perfect) and/or Shaker’s ‘head’ wider (a bit like the old one), and give us back the ‘scale’ (so if one want to make a 250ml or 350ml or whatever portion, it is not shooting in the dark :wink:

Even though the current Shaker is stylish, unfortunately after a prolonged use I much prefer the old version. It may not be as nice, but the user experience is just so much better.

The key issue with the current set is that the shaker ‘head’ is much narrower vs the old one, while the scoop is ‘deeper’, meaning I cannot fit and flip the scoop inside the shaker, but rather above the shaker.

It results is much more powder dropping on the kitchentop, instead of inside the bottle, which is a bit frustrating. The ‘scale’ thing, probably is self-explanatory

Which Shaker/ Scoop do you prefer?
  • The classic/ transparent one (broader & shallower shaker & scoop)
  • The current/ white one (narrower & taller shaker & scoop)
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Maybe a half-sized scoop would help with spillages?

Could be an option, but honestly the same size scoop, just differently shaped (broader, but shallower - just like the ‘og’ one) works fine even with the new shaker :wink:

It’s just the combination of taller scoop + narrower shaker makes it a no-no for me.

I kind of agree. The only issue I had with the old shaker was the flip lid which went nowhere and if you don’t handle it it bonks your forehead.
The biggest issue I have with the new shakers is I can’t fit may hand inside them to clean them properly


Yeah I’d like to be able to get my hand down inside for cleaning too, but I love the aesthetics of the tall straight-sided shaker. Also, wouldn’t a wider and shorter shaker reduce the speed of the liquid passing up and down for mixing?

The Huel shaker seems iconic - representing the brand visually and setting it apart from other products. I really like it, for the style, for the form as much as the function.

Improvements to the scoop on the other hand… I wouldn’t mind scooping four times instead of twice.

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True, I also prefer the current one visually. It looks better and more ‘unique’ compared to all the other very similar shakers from other brands.

Good point, though. I totally forgot about the cleaning issue (I have mostly been using the dishwasher recently), but yeah, it’s really hard to clean it properly from the inside, and I wouldn’t say I have massive hands.

Maybe most shakers have a common format for a good reason :wink:


Huel making things a bit awkward for the sake of pure aesthetics? I’ll drink to that! :smile:

Hey how about having a three part shaker? Same design, same looks, but have the white section in two parts, screwed together. The join could be an obvious marker for a 250ml fill, and separating out the lower section would make cleaning easy.

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It’s a difficult one because both designs have advantages. I do like the style of the newer one, the carry loop and the screw cap top, but it is more difficult to scoop into and the loss of a scale is a case of style over substance. I use 450ml of water every time and I know where that lines up to on the Huel lettering, so it’s not a big deal for me, but if I made different drinks often with different amounts of liquid I’d have to use a different shaker.

you’d definitely have issues with structural strength and water tightness then - as for the cleaning…well you could always go analogue…

yes - if you look at products like the ShakeSphere that is a similar shape concept - it is preloaded with problems, not least the faked and staged results in the product videos. It’s a lot wider and shallower than the Huel one - so that also made handling it difficult unless you had dinner plate sized hands. The theory is sound with the shape creating a mixing power inside, but it’s just two large and ungainly to create that fluid movement that can mix effectively.

Their advertising says you don’t need a mixer ball but in reality it’s the only way to use it. With a mixing ball it works very well, without it you get lumpy porridge even with Huel Black.

Edit: for the water levels, when the new shaker came in – I used a cheap kitchen digital scale with a Tare function that killed two birds with one stone – you could measure both the liquid and powder you put in much more accurately. You can get these for like six quid at the supermarket or amazon.


That Vileda brush looks just the job. :+1:

I agree about scoop and scale but the seal on the new one is vastly better.
Old one - screw difficult to accurately engage and would leak on shaking pretty often.

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And please, for the spoon, choose a material that doesn’t generate static electricity!

I’m a relatively new Huel consumer and have only known the new shaker.

Two issues I have found:

  1. The shaker is sufficiently opaque that I can’t easily see how far up the water is when I go to make my shake. Even if I hold it up to the window it’s hard to see the level through the plastic.

  2. The little grooves on the handle of the scoop hold powder, so even though I have not found any problem dumping the scoops of powder into the shaker on top of the water, the powder that collects in those grooves dumps right out on the countertop every time. I now try to very carefully avoid the scoop picking up any powder in those grooves when I scoop from the bag, but why are the grooves even there?!?

Having said this, I use the grille every time, I add the water first, and I have not really had any problems mixing White, Essentials, or Black. I do give it a mighty shake each time, however, and almost certainly for more than 10 seconds. The resulting consistency is somewhat “floury”, but I’ve never really had any problem with lumps, and I’ve got used to the texture. I wonder if shaking technique is causing some of the problems people have reported.

My experience entirely - and probably worse, because I keep the scoop in the powder and so it sometimes gets buried, meaning the grooves are at least full!

I think the grooves are only for design, but Huel doesn’t have diagonal-line branding anywhere else, so they wouldn’t be missed. Perhaps they have some sort of function.


It’s a good song by the Stranglers but not really much use on a scoop holding just 50g of powder.


52g. You forgot the powder stuck in the grooves.

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I’m going to see them for about the tenth time at the end of the month at their home town of Guildford. They put on a great show even though they are like Trigger’s broom!


Great band. I didn’t see them this year but did last year. Likewise I have seen them plenty of times. I guess they still have JJB so not quite Trigger’s broom. High Cornwell solo is also worth catching if you get the chance.

Enjoy the show. A mate of mine saw them in Bristol a couple weeks ago. It was actually a postponed gig as Baz lost his voice and they had to move it

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Heard about him losing his voice, glad we went to Sheffield to see them before this happened. I’ll take a look at Hugh Cornwell. :+1:
Got Alice Cooper in September and Nick Cave in October also booked.

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