Huel shaker not big enough

I’ve been using Huel for a long time now and always had the same problem: the shaker provided by Huel is good enough for 3 scoops but things get very clumpy when I bump to 4 scoops. Are there any other shakers out there that can handle the 4 scoops?

Cement mixer


I normally use a plastic swimming pool to prepare the Huel of the week. Works like a charm.

Ps. Buy a blender, all your problems solved


Its designed to hold one serving.

Wish there was a way to give two hearts - you deserve it for that one!

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I find it not wide enough to successfully empty the last remains of the bags w/o getting powder all over the place so almost empty bags kept piling up on my kitchen counter. I outsmarted the capitalist bags with a piece of baking paper and finally emptied my bagsIMG_20180818_165017_HDR

The volume is fine though, I can easily throw five scoops in it and by a couple of minutes of violent shaking and gradually adding water to it, it will be fine. Sometimes if i forget to count the scoops it gets difficult to suck it out from the shaker and water will be have to added and reshaken untill it flows again.

My apologizes for this contribution.

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finally emptied my bags

Dirty boy! Disgusting! We all love Huel here, but there’s no need to be so explicit! This is a family forum, after all!


Yep you’re definitely going to run into issues with 4 scoops. Sorry about that, the shaker is already pretty huge and I’m not sure a bigger shaker would be very practical for most. However 4 scoops blended will fit in, but you just need that extra room in the top of the shaker for the powder to blend.

Has anyone tried a adding scoops progressively, and perhaps shaking 3 times. e.g.

  • Add 200ml water and two scoops - shake
  • Add 200ml water and 1 scoop - shaker
  • Add 200 ml water and 1 scoop shake
  • Top up with required remaining water

I’ll give it a try.

Moral of the story - don’t post a request for advice over the weekend, unless you want to receive several facetious replies from members of the Forum, before order is restored by Tim on a Monday morning.

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Right? Lucky Amazon doesn’t cell cement mixers though.

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You are talking out of your arsenious.


Very clever.

Enter the Blender Bottle Pro 45, it’s huge, have doubled up and managed 6 scoops.

I do 3scoops Huel and 2 scoops protein powder 400ml liquid shake rattle and roll, then top of.
Little piece of advice dow, don’t open right away to top off , it will explode in your face :grin::grin:
Just experienced that an hour ago

I have 4 scoops everytime. I just add water when I get to the end and reshake and that solves everything :smiley:

This is very interesting. Do you put powder in the expansion pack?

That blender ball in the bottom right corner of the image though - makes it look an awful lot like a wheelie bin