To much powder/water: shake overflow!

Ho my God!
Based on my needs, I wanted to prepare a 700 Kcal Huel meal, so 4,5 scoops firstly with 400 ml water…
I shake, I open the shaker for adding 200 ml water more, and then, here comes the disaster!!! All the shake overflowed out of the shaker!!! :grin:
Gasp, I guess I should have 2 × 350 Kcal meals, better than 1 × 700 Kcal.

Try again, little padawan! :triumph:

I did this once. However, I found that putting all the water in the first, then adding Huel and shaking lightly, gradually getting harder with the shakes, made no problem.

I have found that 4.5 scoops per shaker is about the max.

I often fill the shaker right up into the black lid. Never get that, my guess is that the thread is not level.

I think I understand what has happened: I have shaken too hard and too fast and all the VERY thick liquid has come OVER the little grid. And, as it was very thick, the liquid fell down through the grid very slowly. And, if you open the shaker too early, BAM, all liquid overflows!
So, two lessons: do not put more than 4 scoops ; after shaking, give the liquid a little time to fall down through the grid.
Or use a mixer. :smile:
By the way: absolutely delicious! But to sweet for me. Next time, I’ll order the unsweeten version!

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What does your pouch say on the front 1.74kg or 1.71kg? I guess you have the 1.74 which is the sweeter vanilla. We have now reduced the sweetness which you should like more.

Yes, it says 1,74 kg, v1.0.
Very good idea to reduce the sweetness, IMHO. It will be easier to finish the meal.

I would recommend you try v1.1 of the vanilla flavour, it’s less sweet so should be more to your liking.

Another tip. Once full don’t unscrew the lid to add more water, add the water via the drink spout. :smile:

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Maybe somebody could start a Huel Fails blog and put that on there :laughing:


I’m using 200g of powder, so about 5.25 scoops, in about 800ml of water, but I blend it instead of shaking it as I prefer it without lumps. I often end up filling the shaker up to a cm or so below the top of the spout (I don’t measure the water precisely so the level varies somewhat) by pouring the extra down the spout once the main flask is full. I then transport the entire thing in my bag on the commute to work, but I’ve never had a spill yet.