Shaker too big

Help. I like to have a one scoop meal with 120ml water but I find the shaker is far too big and I expend too many calories lifting it.

Do you think the makers of Huel could make their shakers a third of the size? It would save on plastic as well.


You could use a china teacup with a silver spoon. Don’t forget to extend the pinky when sipping to demonstrate Huel elitism


I have the same problem since I discovered that my pet cockroach thrives on huel. Maybe Huel could make pet sized shakers, as by the time I have mixed the 1/4 of a teaspoon of Huel with 1 teaspoon of water, the mixture is simply spread on the bottom and sides of the shaker and won’t come out. Because of this I have to let my lovely cockroach eat directly from the shaker, which is distressing for him as he doesn’t like the feel of plastic underfoot. And distressing for my friends as they can’t believe we both eat from the same shaker. Can I place an order for a micro shaker about the size of a spirit measure please, made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds, and with the name Cocky spelt out in rubies. Will it arrive by the end of the week?


Most importantly does it come with 365 suitably sized scoops…because I am too silly to reuse them.


Now now! Don’t start that up again.


I quite like the idea of silver scoops. I think they would be ideal. They should have a little hole in the handle so you can hang them from a chain around your neck. They should send out 2 at a time and personally engrave them and Huel users could wear them like dog tags…and they could have quick release clips in case of Huel emergency. We could identify each other in the street. I expect @Tim_Huel will be onto this idea first thing on Monday.


:smile: I’d buy a silver scoop - not sure I’d wear it though!


Never say never… It just needs a few to start a trend and then we’d all do it. We could have low slung pants and talk in slang. Fist bump each other in the street. The term Heuligans has already been coined for good reason.


We should build our own ecovillage, right next to the Huel “fulfilment centre” - think of both the financial savings in terms of delivery cost, and the environmental impact of not needing delivery lorries on the road. We could all eat together in the Huel canteen before going off to worship at the temple of Huel.

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You need to check out the documentary series Wild Country on Netflix for ideas on how to go about this. Truly incredible. How to start a cult properly.

We would all have bindis on our foreheads created by the huel that drips from the lid of the shaker so the locals can identify us.

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I’ve seen it, was brilliant. Got to admit I stole my ideas from that. Although I was thinking more Charlie Manston style - check out Aquarius on Netflix if you haven’t seen it already

Can’t be accused of hijacking your own thread, so this can go wherever you want!

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well enough internet for today


My username on many other threads used to be niceguykoresh… I used to have a facebook account too…but was kicked off.

I just googled but alas can only find this entry…quite amusing, following a poll:

Just to clarify about the results of the last poll.
The votes cast are NOT a reflection of support for any Tesco in Glastonbury, but the result of the actions of an irresponsible person who managed to vote ‘in favour’ 49 times, apparently out of spite.
This person is none other than the ‘man’ who goes by the name of “David Koresh” with the email address: He posts occasionally on GWells Yahoo group.
As this person is anonymous and apparently proud of his games and flippancy, then we can only assume that he is too stupid to understand the consequences of his actions!


The email address is still valid in case you wanna say hi - LOL

I don’t know if I should believe you. David Koresh…?

David Koresh…Waco, Texas…don’t you know. Made Charlie M look like an angel

I mean I don’t know that I trust an email address like that. Will it be you, or will it be Koresh? Or are you actually Koresh ??? :worried:

@Wendy_Shepherd, @hunzas

Off topic, but since you guys seem to love cults as much as I do, check out this Youtube presentation on Rajneeshpuram. Seriously compelling stuff!

If podcasts are more your thing, here’s one about Aum Shinrikyo, the guys who tried to make anime real, start WW3, and at one point successfully detonated a nuclear weapon in the Australian Outback.

It is me lol… The main man is toast :-1:

Cheers. I love cults. I will watch that with my koolaid flavour huel later. I have an interest in serial killers and the macabre. I live in a town that attracts weirdos and freaks and cultish behaviour.

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