Shaker too big



Or no, maybe East Grinstead! :smiley:




No, that wasn’t a typo…but yes that too. :wink:


I live in a country that produces weirdos and freaks and is now governed by cultists. Wanna come here? :smiley:


Yeah, sign me up.


Your country’s politicians even makes ours look good…


[quote=“hunzas, post:10, topic:9227”]
We would all have bindis on our foreheads created by the huel that drips from the lid of the shaker so the locals can identify us.
[/quote] :joy::joy::joy: That is hilarious! The shaker I use (Sistema) is perfect for that!


Behave Hunzas. I’m currently working with James on a low-calorie, low-carb, high-fat, high-protein, high-carb, organic, free range, award-winning, vegan whey, intravenous Huel for the masses.


Yeah, but does it contain squirrel?


No, but the version will contain ‘conditional castoreum’ - if you want it, it’s there, if you don’t it’s not.


I’m not really that eager ( a beaver) for it.


I’d definitely pay more for a premium Huel version with a Schrödinger’s cat in every bag.


I’d like a version with Schrödinger’s Pete Burns in it.


They couldn’t possibly put a cat in every bag. To be a Schrodingers cat, there would have to be a 50/50 chance of each bag containing a cat, and you wouldn’t know until you opened the bag whether it contained a cat or not. It seems to me that this should be pretty straight forward, and I expect @TimOfficialHuel will tell us it’s in the pipeline anyway.


Took me a while, but the penny finally dropped.

And by penny I mean penny, not anything else that the paragons of virtue and good taste who designed the “auto-correct” system, might not wish to see in print.


Well, it should be a cat dead or alive, but if you want to lower the prices and keep the vegan tag, I guess we can accept that interpretation. It also solves the problem of the radioactive material. :smiley:
Speaking of Pete Burns, he must be Dead or Alive with no exception. But it would raise too much complaints about the noise from my neighbours, I fear. :smiley:


I think if the cat somehow managed to survive its time in the bag, which seems unlikely, you would know by the movements and sounds emanating from the bag whether the cat was alive or dead, which would defeat the whole point. The only way around this would be to put the Huel and the cat in a container that would allow the cat to breathe but still be soundproof. This would not only increase production and transport costs, but you’d also get those killjoys who like to whine on about the environment all the time, with their superior attitudes and bags for life, pointing out that the container wasn’t recyclable, and you’d also get the animal rights extremists saying that putting cats into containers of Huel is cruel. Not to mention unsanitary.


I’m not sure even vegans would consider cat-based products to be off limits, despite the vigour with which they normally enforce the “no animal products” rule. I mean, it’s about time cats started giving something back


Well, I’m sure they could use that new metabioorganic material I’ve seen on “chemtrails and other truths” youtube channel, if they wanted they could! They do promotional pins with it, why can’t they do waterproof breathable bags? There must be a plot.
About putting cats in a bag and shipping them for two days in a super cold airplane hold and then in a super heated van: I’ve read is great for the skin. If you think about it, the Romans did the same in the baths, cold, hot, cold, hot, and they ruled the world for centuries! :smiley:

Yeah, someone must stop cats evil plot to control humans like they do everyday. Huel, save humanity! :smiley:


Too right. Useless critters