Shaker too big and too small at the same time

I have a problem with the Huel shaker. I find it’s too big for the amount of Huel I put in and too small for the amount of water I put in. I also don’t like the word “Huel” wrote on the side and think this is inappropriate. The lid is a problem as I can’t drink my Huel without opening it.


Now, now… :smile:


The good thing about the Huel logo is it is simple to wash off with just one cycle of a dishwasher.

I always found I poked myself in the eye with the lid if it was open… So I glued mine shut to avoid that problem. It also helps me with weight loss as my calorie intake is easier to control.

By the way people ask what the red bits in Huel are. After 6 months on this regime I am wondering what the green sludge is?

Also… How much can a Huel shaker expand before it explodes? Mine is now spherical.


For all you guys complaining about the Huel shaker…rejoice! I have a solution: I’m building a special shaker that contains any amount of Huel and Water you may want to insert. 1 Kg of Huel? 10 thousand liters of water? Done!

It works with spacetime warping wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. And there’s also a benefit: every now and then if you put the right amount of Huel, it creates money. So it will repay itself.

Oh, and it’s organic, made of free range vegan squirrels.

Can you believe it? And it’s only 99$!!!


Except in Nebraska!

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Are they red or grey squirrels? Grey squirrels are much maligned and the Wildlife Trusts want to cull them. If we can use the red squirrels and hopefully cause their extinction, people will learn to love the greys again.

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You can choose the color when ordering. Our technicians will spray them and spread fake news on Facebook to accomodate your preferences.


Brutal, but funny :joy:


I find that the fundamental flaw with the shaker is that it doesn’t actually shake. I mean, I can shake it myself, but that just seems to defeat the point. Like a computer that doesn’t compute


That’s a brilliant point and one I don’t think has been brought up before. I think you should make a thread pointing out the error in their ways.


I agree that was a very good point. I was in Saudi Arabia and the only way I could get the bloke in white on a camel to Sheihk was if I slapped the camel on the arse causing it to run off

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I bet that got his Huel to a nice, smooth consistency though, the way those camels move. More than I can say for these so called “shakers”


It’s people!

Oh hang on, wrong brand.


Errrr… why buy Huel shaker which you can clearly see has the branding on it…sorry don’t get the point of the thread? :man_shrugging:

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Umm…the thread was a joke. Unfortunately in the UK we have rubbish weather, so we stay indoors and get bored. @coup more quickly and others, so he takes it out on everyone else by writing a nonsensical thread. I’d ignore him if I were you.

I turned my shaker inside out so I couldn’t read the branding.


No sir, your wrong. This is the only serious post in the forum. The rest is a joke. Or do you really think there are so many happy customers of a weird tasting liquid chemical food?


Who needs a shaker ?

Like I have said many times …

I drink 300ml of water and pour Huel into my mouth, swallow and jump up and down very vigorously !
I don’t need a shaker !
I don’t need a scoop !
And I get a great work out each time and thus burn extra calories !

I am of course joking !!


But how do you measure how much Huel to swallow without a scoop? Do you have a scale implanted in your mouth? That would be something! :smiley:

Bahahahahah. Best OP ever.

Considering it means ‘pen**’ in Russian (according to @rix ) and a prostitute who does an** or an evil nerd (according to the urban dictionary), you have a valid concern there…

@hunzas I’m disappointed that this isn’t your 2nd favourite thread…


I was about to relegate the Brexit one to third and promote this to second…luckily that one has all kicked off again this afternoon, so this one will (for now) have to remain in third place…