Shaker too big and too small at the same time


Uh-oh not brexit references here as well


busy Sunday Christina?


What can I tell ya @Coup, I’m snowed in


Ooh that’s a lot of snow :snowman: Pusscat’s looking less than impressed :cat:


I wouldn’t be very impressed if I had been chucked outside in the cold so someone could photo me and post it on the internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll have you know I went outside of my own free will - I like the snow :snowman: :snowflake:


Are you pretending to be the cat now?


Christina’s talking pussy…the new internet sensation.


,especially in @Coup’s house


I remember one of the very first porn films I seen was called pussy talk :joy::joy:


You’re obviously an expert. I only know Debbie does UU.


I am pussyless these days, make of that what you will. Not even a frozen one here


Debbie does Unflavour/Unsweetened ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sunglasses:


It was the sequel…take it with a pinch of salt.


Because Huel is low on it


I don’t believe so, but some do…


I’m not pretending to be a cat. It’s me. In the snow. Can’t you see the resemblance with my profile picture.
I’m bored now of all the pussy and boob jokes


I have the same catbed but mine have torn the wicker to shreds. The mouse was also brutally murdered within a day. :disappointed_relieved:


I caught the beginning of it on camera. They may look charming…

…but so did Ted Bundy.


@Moon awwww but look at the little one - how adorable :laughing::blush::blush:
Don’t worry, in 21 years time they will have mellowed out and will just sleep on your lap instead of destroying the contents of your home… only a few years to wait :joy::laughing::rofl: