Getting the Huel out of the shaker

Huel is sticky. This is why we get the lumps and probably the underlying reason for the ziplock problems, too. Another problem that comes from it is that it’s hard to get it out of the shaker. I’ve noticed that when I get home and clean my shakers, there’s a significant amount of Huel left, despite my looking like a fool holding a shaker bottle upside down over my face for 10-15 seconds at the end of every meal.

Yesterday I decided to measure my unwashed shaker bottles (3 bottles with originally 2000 kcal), then wash them and weigh them again. the difference was 160 g! Not all of that was Huel, of course, but it was pretty thick (even though I put as much water in as the shaker can hold). If 1/3 of it was Huel and 2/3 water, that’s 200 kcal! I’ve been getting a lot less calories than I thought (and payed more for my Huel than I thought).

Solutions? I could just add more Huel, but it annoys me to pay for the 10% I don’t use. I could divide it up into more bottles, but getting 2700 kcal/day (upping it by 100/week up to 3000) already demands me bringing four shakers (one is not Huel), and lugging five around starts to feel ridiculous. I could rinse it out with water and drink it after the fact, but I’m taking my Huel with me and consume it “on the go”.

Are there any clever shaker designs that solve this problem? Any other ideas? It also annoys me that one of the big advantages of Huel, that I know exactly how many calories I’m getting, is not as solid as I thought. I’ve obviously been on a maintenance/deficit the last weeks when I’ve thought I was on a light surplus.

I use a good width straw to get at the bottom bits.

I don’t get a big lumping problem(mixing 3 scoops with 560ml water, powder on top), but after I drink the entire mix I tend to add a bit more water, shake it again and drink it. This gets the last bit out for me.

After I’ve finished I simply put in a little more water, shake it around and drink the rest.


Right, but that’s a bit unpractical when you’re, say, at the bus stop waiting for the bus.

I usually have a bottle of water with me and do the adding a bit more to get the last bits of Huel out of the shaker as well.


I keep a butter knife in my bag with my shakes, and before I add the water I give the powder a good stir up.

It seems to solve the problem.

As for drinking Huel at the bus stop, why? Why not have your shake at home? Or when you get to where you are heading?

It’s all about making it a bit easier for yourself.

Yes surely the simply answer is to add a tiny extra bit of water, swirl, and consume. As @Stef and @Inky

This is what I do. No waste.


This is what I do too.

Not to revive an old thread, but I use the ShakeSphere, and find that the shape really does stop powder clogging at the bottom.
I’m pretty much in love with it because I can add the powder first, then add water later in the day, and the screw-on bottom holds 100g (if you pack it in a bit).
Means I can carry 2 meals in one shaker (I use 100g at a time) as long as I have access to water.


It might have just been lucky today, but when I shook it upside down, there didn’t seem to be any in the bottom. I made sure the lid was on tight first

Ive never wasted a drop. But I have been known to collect Huel with my fingers from around my shaker to ensure no wastage!