Shaker for 100% huel?


I’ve been on 100% huel for a few weeks now and I’m getting tired of carrying around 3 huel shakers to get a decent amount of calories and also it’s a pain in the arse to mix up 3 shakers every day. I’ve been looking for a 2 litre plus shaker and not really found very much.

Anyone else found this problem? What are you other 100% huel people doing?



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I have a couple of bags of Huel and a shaker at work and a similar setup at home, and I mix every meal separately. My arse feels fine. Maybe I’m just numb.


So that’s 2 shakers worth which is about 1400ml of mixed huel that’s can’t be enough kcal.

Ok, so this is a day on 100% Huel for me:

07:45 I mix my breakfast Huel (with instant coffee) at home and take it with me on my bus commute to work.

08:45 I arrive at work. I rinse the shaker but pours a cup worth of coffee in it and put it in the fridge.

12:30 I mix my lunch Huel in the shaker with coffee from the fridge. Drink it at my desk, rinse it.

15:30 I have a banana and an orange (so, yeah, I’m not 100% Huel. Actually, I had a protein shake just after my workout at about 12:00 too).

18:30 I mix my dinner Huel, sometimes with coffee (same as lunch) and sometimes hot with stock cube, peanut butter, curry powder and tabasco. Drink it at my desk (I only have Huel for dinner when I’m working late), rinse the shaker. This one is a bit of work actually, as the stock cube and peanut butter take a few minutes of stirring to dissolve. Also cleaning the shaker often requires some detergent. Still, it’s only a couple of minutes.

21:30 I mix Huel, plain with water, and drink it in front of Netflix at home. Rinse the shaker.

That’s a total of about 2500 kcal I think.

Compared to cooking, arse pain is quite endurable.


Ah right so you are washing it out several times a day I see. That’s kinda what I’m trying to get around and I think I prefer washing up 3 shakers once a day that 1 three times a day. I would have thought someone would do a giant shaker but I guess I’m wrong as I can’t seem to find one.

What I’d really want is Huel in an IV drip to save me having to lift the shaker to drink!

In all seriousness, washing or carrying 3 shakers a day isn’t really a hardship and a lot easier than having to think of and make 3+ meals.

If you’re dead set on having it all in one jug; you can get one of these gallon bottles…

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Yeah I saw those but the problem for me is that the opening is too small. I’m going to make a mess trying to get powder in there and I’d probably have to use a blender to mix it up to start with. I know it isn’t much of a hassle washing up but you could use that argument against dishwashers. I’m just trying to make the whole thing as easy as possible.

A huel IV drink would be awesome.

Thanks for the post though.

Does it have to be blended?

I put my Huel (plus cocoa powder and protein powder) into the Huel shaker. I then add chilled water at work, shake, drink, add more chilled water, rinse and drink.

I also have 2 small containers which were £1 in Asda. These are just the right shape and size to fit additional portions of Huel in plus they pour nicely into the shaker without spillage. I then add chilled water and repeat as above.

The reason I was thinking that needs to be blended is there is nothing to break up clumps in that bottle thing where as the huel shakers have that grid thing.

I bought some metal shaker balls off of Amazon, a pack of 5 I think. They took a few weeks to arrive, although this looks like a different seller as a pack of 2:

I’ve found what I was looking for here: I’ve ordered 1

those balls are pretty good and I’ve already got 3 of them you can get them for cheaper than that as well

That looks cool! Is it actually a shaker or just a regular bottle? Let us know what its like.

My Protein do a 1 Litre shaker which is the biggest I can see

Couldn’t you premake the Huel and then pour it into the gallon bottle and then use that for the day?

I guess the difference between a shaker is a bottle a grid/grill thing that breaks up the bits. So it’s just a bottle I guess but I’ll put the balls in it. Verses that 3.8 litre thing you sent I’d say

  1. I can hold it in 1 hand I think.
  2. Big opening for easy pouring/mixing.
  3. Probably about 4kg I’d have to carry around verses about 2kg

But thanks for your post that was a close second for me.

Great then a bottle with a whisk ball in it should be fine.

I had noticed that the grid at the top got clogged with mixture but never realised it was an ice catcher!

You can get the mixer balls pretty cheap, you can even get a whisk with a ball in