Huel on the go

Hi folks, I’ve got another question.

I’ve started using Huel only recently. One of my primary use cases is maintaining a healthy diet when on the go. I can vacuum-seal single use portions easily, and they store nicely. And if I’m going to a hotel, or even in the office, the shaker and cold water (or, admittedly, cold milk) go together really well.

But I also spend an unhealthy amount of time on trains, where I can get water but not clean out the shaker. Which I find a bit icky.

Has anyone found a solution to mix Huel easily on the go?

Here’s one crazy idea I had - buy 750ml water bottle, drink 250ml, fill up with Huel from pre-sealed pack (and make a mess doing so!), add a marble or two to help shaking, and shake well.

It’s a bit wasteful with the bottle being dirty and probably bad to recycle afterwards, but it’s the best idea I’ve come up with so far. (Untried too, might give it a spin tomorrow.) Any suggestions?

Hi, I bought nice bottles from Avex, heavy duty with shaker balls inside. Have you considered making up the Huel before you leave the house or the night before? I find it keeps well throughout the day premixed.

Hey, yes, I have considered that. For a single portion that might work, but 2-4 servings would be a bit annoying to carry in a business backpack :wink:

1000 calories worth of Huel goes nicely over two bottles approx 700ml total liquid in each with a decent consistency.
I even have banana and mixed fruit in there and it still fits.
Also the bottles I have come with an extra screw on compartment underside so you can keep another serving worth of powder ready to go if needed.

After I’ve drunk my Huel, I’ll add maybe 100ml of water, give it a good shake and drink this. I might repeat again with less water, and I find this cleans out the shaker well enough for me to reuse a few hours later.

Both are great suggestions. Thanks. Sometimes, the most obvious is most easily missed.

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Im sure it won’t be long before we see pop up Huel stands lol, maybe you could start a business selling Huel on the train haha!