How best to mix your huel


I was just wondering the best way to mix the huel? I’ve just made my first subscription purchase but stupidly forgot to add the shaker and t-shirt to the order…not bothered about the latter just wondering how people mix huel without a shaker? Especially if using on the go or at work?

I intend to use this during long days at work and when camping.

I bought a Ninja Bullet from eBay specifically for mixing my Huel

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Hi @Angie8m I would suggest a shaker is by far the easiest way to mix the huel when you’re out and about.
If you email they will send you a shaker and T-shirt out if you are a new customer even if you forgot to add it with your order - they are nice like that :blush:

In the meantime, probably the easiest way is to use a hand blender to mix it in a large bowl or pan, then pour into a suitable bottle and refrigerate it. Take it with you to work in a cool bag with an ice pack and it’ll stay fresh for a good half day.

Or you could buy a shaker from pretty much any supermarket or bargain store. It’s always handy to have two, so it’s not like you’d be wasting your money while waiting for the Huel one to arrive.

Hopefully you will get your shaker soon :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for your reply. I’ve got a vitamix and a blendtec but I’m probably going to be using huel around 5/6pm to save me waiting until 8/9pm to eat if it’s at work so I’ll just get a shaker and see how I go. The nature of my work means I don’t know if I’ll be finishing at a reasonable time or if I’ll be held on so I’d rather not be making it up in advance and not use it.


Yep agreed, extra shakers come in handy. Some people even have their own shakers that they prefer to the original Huel one, I think with a ball inside and stuff like that

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I have a mixer ball in each of my Huel shakers. I bought the balls on eBay and find them really good.

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Thank you for your responses. I’ll try and source one or two today/tomorrow and maybe try a few different ones.

I use this, it works well as long as i dont put to much frozen fruit or ice in it: