Taking Huel to work

First post here and first week of trying Huel
Everywhere I’ve read it mentions putting water in your mixer first.
For ease of taking it to work is there any reason why I couldn’t say put the Huel in the mixer in the morning and then add water to it when I’m ready to drink?

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Nope, that’s fine too although I find that I get a block of Huel stuck to the bottom of the bottle when I do that

Personally this dosen’t work for me as it clumps up as soon as the water touches it.
I found it better to decant Huel into little containers and bring one intowork each day with my beaker.
You can then fill the beaker with water and add the container quickly to the top before shaking.

Coincidentally I added a picture of this to a thread yesterday = this link might work: Results: 1 year on Huel


I agree with this…

I tried putting the Huel in first (using a blender) just to see what would happen. The result was unpleasantly lumpy, even after several attempts at getting rid of the lumps. I really wouldn’t recommend it.

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If I’m manually shaking, then I put in most of the water first, then the Huel, then a little bit of water on top to stop it getting stuck inside the lid.

I take huel to work. I use these containers:

and add the water first. As others say, it gets clumpy and sticks to the bottom if you add huel before water.

They are designed to slot to this bottle:

but there’s no reason why you couldn’t just use them separately.

These look great, just what i was looking for actually!

I pre-mix (with blender) then take the finished product into work…

I keep a shaker and a bag (actually a couple of bags) of Huel at work, so I’m always prepared in case I have to work late.

I tried putting the huel in first today, gave it a good shake and it does leave a couple of clumps stuck to the bottom on the bottle, ordered some of the containers to carry a portion in which seems the best option

Why learn from others’ mistakes, right? :joy:


Haha I thought it might be bearable but I was wrong!

If you don’t want to get special containers, you could portion huel into ziplock bags and put the bags inside the shaker. Can easily reuse the bags a few times too. Not the most eco friendly method unless you get the wash and reuse bags. But certainly space-saving.

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I do this daily at work too. It’s easy, you just have to trust your container. First I take the whisk ball out and tap the bottom of the container to dislodge the packed Huel. Then I pour the water in, screw on the lid, then immediately turn it upside down and give it one really big shake to dislodge everything. The Huel comes off in one big lump and falls into the water where the whisk ball breaks it up. No clumps.