Can't you just whisk it with a fork - or whisk?

I’d like to try Huel. I definitely don’t want the free T-shirt. I’d like to not have to get the shaker too. I don’t want to use a blender (because I don’t have one - though I do have a hand (stick) blender.) Why can’t I just whisk it with a fork in a mug? Has anyone tried that? Or should I really get the shaker??

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Hand blender works well or any shaker bottle will do the trick. I’ve never tried using a fork so unsure on that one.

I can’t speak from experience, but I’m assuming it would turn out very clumped together. With the consistency of Huel, it clumps easily, so you need something like a blender to really mix it together.

I’ve personally found that Blender Bottles work really well with Huel. They come with a whisk ball which acts as the whisk when you shake the bottle.

Something like this:

Yeah, whisk ball is definately a good idea. Whenever I don’t use one it’s basically clump city in the shaker.

I have whisked it up with a silicone spatula before, as it was all I had to hand ant no problem.

I have a shaker that came with a whisk ball, and never used the ball…and it still came out fine. You guys need to practice your wrist action. Maybe I’m just a w*nker.


Haha hunzas. I’m starting to think you only comment when you can make a (dirty) joke :rofl:

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I use a hand whisk, never used a blender. Never used the shaker as a shaker either, just use it to transport my premixed Huel around!

I figure you could probably mix it with just with a spoon as long as you made a thick paste first, then gradually added more water as you stirred. But that seems like more effort than using the whisk I have, so I’ve not tried.

Thanks everyone! I think if I order any then I’ll try with a fork/spoon/whisk/handblender and skip the shaker!

Also I’ll probably be trying the unflavoured unsweetened version which I believe is easier to mix. Probably should have said that first up!


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I use unflavoured and unsweetened too. :grinning:

One tip which everyone new to Huel should know, if you mix/blend/shake it, leaving it for a few hours or overnight in the fridge makes it a lot smoother and gives it time for any lumps to dissolve. Makes a really big difference to taste and texture. Good luck!

There are tons of recipe and serving ideas too, should you find the Huel love and want to experiment. :yum:

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Nice work if you can get it.

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Beats working. :slight_smile: