How do you transport your Huel?

Hi all,

Thinking of starting Huel, and have just received a sample (not tried it yet). If I go ahead with it, I’d be looking to replace breakfast and lunch only, eating a ‘real’ evening meal. I’ve got loads of questions, sorry.

I’m out of the house from around 7am until 7pm every day during the week. I’m either at university or at work. I don’t have access to a refrigerator during these times. I carry all my things in a fairly large rucksack, but really it is not practical for me to carry more than one shaker bottle.

I figure I want to have about 3 servings of Huel during the day, about 3 scoops each time. That’s approx 1368 calories, with an evening meal of 600-700 calories.

How would you transport your Huel during the day? Do you measure out the powder and put it in tupperware? Do you find some way to carry multiple bottles around with you?

Is it easy to clean out a bottle that’s you used a couple of hours ago, or does it need some proper scrubbing? I’m dreading a dried on porridge sort of situation. Making up bottles throughout the day would not be practical if that’s the case.

Also, I’ve heard it’s better blended, but I just won’t be able to do this all the time. Is it ok in a mixer bottle? I have one of those ones with the metal ball inside.

Thanks all.

You could just take power and mix if you have a water supply, cold water is better (water butt)
You can also get well insulated bottles and can mix the night before and leave in fridge overnight, you could even make it a bit thicker then add ice before uni and it would stay cold during the day. A shaker is fine but some have been getting lumps but I think this is down to a bad batch.
Huel is nicer when refridgerated for a few hours and mixed with a blender.
You can clean a bottle easily that has been left for hours or even a few days with a soak in warm water or I usually give it a quick rinse as soon as I have finished it.
Try 3 scoops and see how you get on, I only have 2 good scoops breakfast/lunch (80g Huel
) and that does me until tea.

I have 2 methods as I take Breakfast & lunch to work.

  • Carry 2 small tupperware tubs, each with 3 scoops in.
  • Take 2 shakers. Each (dry) shaker containing 3 scoops. Add water when I get to work.

Easy :slight_smile:

I always keep a bag and a shaker in my desk drawer at work.

For a recent day hiking trip, I prepared by putting 3 scoop portions into several mini freezer bags. It was all rather messy and wasteful, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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For my first meal of any given day I make it the night before and leave it in the fridge…so say in the morning I can grab it and have breakfast on the bus or whatever. That’s one meal for me. My other two meals I carry in these tupperwares:
The 400ml ones are the smallest size that will hold a 125g/500kcal serving and there’s just enough space to add a flavouring if you want too. The shape of them is also important because the diameter is small enough to fit just inside most shaker bottles so it goes into the shaker with no spillage.
So I’ll have a couple of servings of powder in tupperware and my full shaker when I leave the house. Drink my Huel on the bus. If I’ve got a water bottle on me I’ll put a little bit of water in (like an inch), shake, and drink that, so there’s less residue in the bottle, but it all seems to be ok if not. If there is access to a sink when I get in then I’ll clean the bottle (this takes about 90 seconds). If there isn’t then its not hard to clean later at all, I’ve left up to 6 hours and it’s not really any more work to clean. Just don’t leave it if you’ve mixed it up with dairy milk or something, that’ll smell! Mix the new shake over the top and make sure it gets a thorough clean later. So I generally haven’t found cleaning it (or not) to be an issue so long as its done properly every day. The adding a bit of water shaking and drinking the residue after a shake helps a lot though.

I find a shaker ball helps a lot and that’s what I have full time, even if I’m home. The plastic grid in the Huel bottle helps a bit too but my current bottle doesn’t have one and I get on ok. It sounds really weird but count the shakes - I used to count 25 seconds but I realise I was timing my shaking to my counting anyway so it’s not hard to count say 100 shakes. Then you know you’ve done it just enough without your arms falling off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for rambling so much, I actually did try to be concise. I’ve put a fair bit of thought into making Huel efficient for me and carrying multiple shakes about or using a blender doesn’t constitute efficient for me.

I buy sandwich bags from the poundshop, cut the sticky bit off the top and use a food bag clip to seal it. I pop the bags in the shaker and hey presto, my day’s food is transported in one cup. However, as I’ve just committed to Huel and bought the max amount on a repeating order (to get it cheaper) I’m likely to take a whole bag and a spare shaker to work and leave it there to minimise the need to prepare.

I have a bag of huel in the car
and a bag of huel in the house
so it goes where I go
annoyingly the seal at the top is rubbish so I have to be a lot more careful as there are a few 1cm gaps up there where the seal won’t hold despite opening the pack really carefully as I knew it would be living on my passenger seat or the boot I can’t get it air tight :disappointed:

Hope it doesn’t affect anything if air gets to it I would imagine not being a powder

Ive had huel for a month because im a plasterer I had some really busy days and I forgot a shaker it went off after 24 hours as left in a derelict property and I was called to another job.

Stinks like high heaven but amazingly easy to clean and wash out.

Thanks all.

I’ve tried the sample. Sadly, I made the error of using a bottle that has a capacity of only 550ml. I didn’t know the exact volume beforehand and figured it would be ok… but let me tell you, 500ml of water and 100g of Huel does not fit into a 550ml bottle! I need to get a bigger bottle.

I made a bit of a mess. Emptied a bit out though and with a mixer ball inside the bottle, it got it to a reasonable consistency.

The consistency was better than expected and much better than my experience with protein powders and such like that I’ve used as supplements before. The taste was also pretty good… not as nice as a bacon sandwich, but as good as can be expected! haha! I might need to buy the flavour packs though for variety.

I’m gonna order a bag and start with replacing breakfast.

Also, I need to see how much this curbs hunger and makes me feel full, before I commit.

Just drinking it now, so the jury is still out until a couple of hours have passed.


I kept the huel sample pouch and i find it’s a thin and easy alternative to bulky tupplewear or flimsy food bags :slight_smile: I like my huel with nesquick so I will measure out the huel and the nesquick powder into the sample pouch before I leave and if there’s no milk where I’m heading I take a small carton with me.

Wonder if the old Huel would have made a plaster substitute…

I have some small plastic containers with weighed Huel in and I buy a bottle of water and mix it up. Very easy to wash out a shaker which has been left a few hours.