Huel pre-measuring, storage and transport

Hi Huelers

I’m halfway through my first bag and starting to replace more and more meals now. My plan is to Huel for breakfast and lunch while at work (typical office environment).

I can’t help but make a mess every time I measure out my Huel so I ordered a Pro Stak blender bottle with the idea of pre-measuring out at home ready to mix the next day at work.

I ordered this one from Amazon -

This was a mistake. It’s well made and mixes well but the bottle only goes up to 450ml and the little storage pots only hold 50g. I do like the neat stacking though an feel like something along these lines could be good.

I was wondering what other people have tried? Ideally I’d like to measure out up to a weeks worth at a time then it’s just a case of mixing up.

Any feedback of what other people have tried would be great. At the moment I’m just having the vanilla on it’s own but will try the plain + flavor next time so again this would help with being pre-mixxed at home.

Any thoughts and experiences welcome

I’m making more mess than when I cook measuring out Huel :smiley:

I’m taking 400g of Huel premixed in this bad boy

Which is my full regime for the day

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Thanks for the reply. That’s an Interesting option

Oh no, how do you mean you are making a mess? I sometimes get a * poof * of Huel powder when I scoop but otherwise no significant mess!

Yes the shakers with the extra pot are useful but as you have observed are not that effective with Huel as a meal is much more than 50g. With protein powders I guess you need a lot less powder for a similar amount of protein. You can get larger ones, a company (I forget which) sent us a 750ml one I think with the pot too. Honestly, it was like carrying around an artillery round! Absolutely huge!

Are you looking to just take extra to work? One of the great things about us sending two pouches of Huel is that you can keep one at home and one at work. If you work at a desk at some point during the day then it would be really easy to just keep a bag under your desk. Since they are even more compact now than v1.2’s first bags!

Hope you find a good option!

Hi Tim

Maybe I’m just messy :slight_smile: It does tend to poof as you say and The scoop also picks up bits on the outside which drop in transit.

This is a typical situation for me currently:

I think I’m trying to be too scientific with weighing out and I should just stick to a simple scoop method. Then I could just bring a bag to work and be done with.


You could store your Huel in a plastic cereal container. Probably deep enough that you can shake off any excess powder before transferring to your mixer / botttle.

I decant my bags of Huel into old protein powder tubs. One for Vanilla, one for plain. Then every Sunday I measure 50g of each into 14 small containers which I then use to make up 2 meals a day in 700lml shakers (using 50ml liquid) the previous evening and store in the fridge. There is a small amount of mess like in your photo, but for me it is only once a week when measuring using scales on the Sunday.

I think it is virtually impossible to never make any mess

For me its the scoop onto a pot on the scales then into the blending tub (which isn’t the biggest opening) goes everywhere

Not a criticism of huel Tim, same thing would happen with my protein powders though I just use a scoop so I’m safe as I’m not as bothered about being accurate.

I made the same mistake in ordering that stack system but settled on sandwich bags as I had to leave the country.

Measured out 3 scoops in each, did about 10 at a time and hit the road around Europe a few months ago. I just did more bags from the main Huel pouches in whatever hotel I happened to be staying in.

That makes more sense when you are travelling for sure…but sitting at home in my kitchen cupboard the tubs suit me. Guess there is no one size fits all answers to scoops/weighing/containers with this product. Any powdered product is gonna have a chance to be messy whether it be huel, flour, cement or whatever.


Thanks for all the replies

The sandwich bags would be a good temporary option but for consistent use I think i’m going to get some different containers. I’ll measure out how much i need and work out the best containers - something that can withstand being thrown around in a bag without splitting.

I’ve found that using a normal spoon instead of the scoop also cuts down on the mess as it’s a bit more controllable but as hunzas says, “Any powdered product is gonna have a chance to be messy whether it be huel, flour, cement or whatever.”

Thanks again


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I might have found just the thing here!


Thanks, i’ll check them out once i’ve decided on sizes

Yeah not the 50ml one :slight_smile:

These are 100ml, and probably better


Yeah I was showing the product not the size, choose whatever size you want =)

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Why don’t you just scoop with your plastic container directly from the Huel Bag, close the lid, wash remaining powder off, dry, and your done?

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I use Chinese takeaway boxes - which do the job really well.

Myprotein Power Towers are what I use. you can squeeze 100g into a single one if you press it down, which is what I weight out for each portion. Excellent for sorting out the portions in advance. The scoop is far too inaccurate.

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