Storage of Huel

Hi All,

Can I ask how, and in what you store your Huel.

At the moment I keep mine in the bags it’s delivered in, but I was wondering if there is a more efficient, easier access way of storing it?

Also, I now mix 50/50 Vanila and US, do you think getting it in one big bag and pre mixing it would work? Rather then measuring each day 1.5 scoops from each bag?



I keep the bulk of it in the bags in a cupboard, but my “in use” powder tends to live in a big tupperware just to make it quicker/easier to get at.

Could work for you, just mix the two types in a tupperware and you’re good to go.

I have two large storage containers (one for unflavoured and one for vanilla), that previously held vegan protein powder and each hold a full bag of Huel.

I did have 3 when I used the Xmas flavoured Huel.

Every Sunday using digital scales, I put approx 50g of each into smaller plastic airtight containers (that hold about 150g), and keep these in a dry cupboard, and make up a whole week’s worth of these. Then every night I make up my Huel for the next day and stick it in the fridge. Repeat every Sunday…takes about 30 minutes or so of prep once a week, but works ok for me and I’ve been doing this for about a year. I have plenty of cupboard space in my kitchen so is no hassle.

I did find the bags a real pain to use, and the protein containers much more efficient.


could you upload some photos?

Ive been looking around and can’t seem to find a food container big enough for two bags?

Anyone found anything suitable?

Surely you don’t need a container to store 2 bags? A container to store one bag is all you need.

I’ve got some holiday snaps if you’d like to see them.



I want to ore mix 50/50 UU and vanilla. So has to hold two bags. I can then premix my months worth of Huel.

Ah, so you’d need a big container for 2 bags plus extra room to shake it up…s’gonna need a big container. I have a 50/50 mix too, but use one tub for each and then make a weeks worth every weekend…

this may do you:

Yes please

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These go up to 10L, one size should surely be enough :slight_smile:

That’s spot on. Thanks hunzas ordered one to give it a go.

Will report back.

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I only use Vanilla and I empty a whole bag into a plastic dry food storer, the type of thing you use for cereal then keep it in the cupboard. I have also emptied 4 different flavour pouches into little screw on lid plastic containers from Asda. I then have 4 more of the small pots which I weigh 90g of Huel into each one along with one of the flavours giving me 4 pre-made Huels ready to take out or have at home.

Despite buying Huel for years now I have only just started refrigerating it so I might start making one up and leaving it in the fridge.

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could you upload a photo?


I empty a whole bag of Huel in the large container. 4 flavour pouches emptied into 4 small containers. The other two have 90g of Huel and 1/3rd of a teaspoon of one of the flavours inside which I’ll either make up at home or take out with me. Those small containers fit inside the Huel shaker.

All containers BPA free and available from Asda.

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How much Huel in the toaster?


If you had uploaded some holiday photos this wouldn’t have happened.

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