Finally got around to organising my Huel drawer

Thank you everyone for posting your storage tips.



This pleases my OCD no end!


Wait until you spot that the flavours are not in alphabetical order. It’s the first thing I noticed when I uploaded the photo.


Good sheeit

I like it

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They look like Oxo Good Grips Containers, as I have one. They come in various sizes, however the square one I have doesn’t hold a whole bag whereas I think the next size up, does.

That’s great! At the moment mine is just the original cardboard box with the Huel bags inside, but I’ll improve too. :smiley:


They are from the Oxo good grips range and I purchased them from Amazon. As someone else has mentioned the size I have does not hold a full bag but the bigger size would not fit in my drawer.

The containers at the front are Chillys food pots, for me they are perfect as they hold 3 scoops of Huel plus a flavour and the shape of the container makes it really easy to tip into the Huel shaker without any mess. They are not space efficient in my work bag but for me it works and they fulfil everything Huel says about keeping the powder away from direct light etc.

Beautiful :smile:


Sorry, got a little excited.

This is the best drawer ever! Love the Chilly’s food pots too, are they used for Huel or just because you like them? I would love to reshare this on Instagram/Facebook at some point if you were cool with that? Would obviously credit your page, if you had one/wanted me to!

Drop me a DM if you have any other questions.


Yes of course you can reshare, no need to credit as I don’t really use social media.

I use the Chilly’s pots for taking Huel to work as it easily holds 3 scoops, the size of the neck makes it really easy to pour into the Huel shaker without mess and I can leave it on my desk and not worry about it being in direct sunlight. I had a bad experience with a Breville bottle in my bag so I only carry huel around in powder form now.

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You beautiful human I love this so much, makes my work locker look like trash brb need to reorganise :joy:

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Thanks so much!

General feedback from the Huel office is that there is a space next to the Huel Bars that is ideally sized for a box of Granola…#justsayin


I looked into the Oxo containers but even the biggest one only seems to hold a single bag. If anyone wants something bigger, you can fit three bags with spare room into one of these, which locks up airtight:

Can you ask the team to send me a box and I will give it a try :wink:


If I were from Huel I would love to send you 2 boxes of granola, one from each flavour.

Would be great you to update the photo with the Granola

I’m intrigued by the “mince pie” pot - is this some discontinued limited edition Huel flavour system or is it something else entirely?

It was from Christmas but Amazon still has some in stock.

I’m looking at the words mince pie and thinking how do I get some of that?!

This gives me so much joy. May I ask what size Oxo containers you used please?

Large - 2.3L :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: