New containers for Hot & Savoury

I thought I’d share a picture of the containers I just bought from Tesco. They’re the perfect size for the H&S bags :grin:


Nice, I imagine it’s a lot easier to get the product out of those

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I got these from Sainsburys


It is, and I don’t get powder over my hand and sleeve reaching into the bag (my pet peeve :roll_eyes:)
They’re a bit wider than the bag too, so there’s room to manoeuvre the scoop.

I like the labels!

I love these posts, great to see how you guys organise your Huel! I’m a keep it in the pouch/tub sort of guy, but like to see your guys organisation! Keep 'em coming!

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Does this not affect the nutritional value due to sunlight etc?

Direct sunlight probably isn’t good, as with any food, but room light should be ok.
I keep mine in a cupboard anyway.

unless you live in a cellar with no windows, the light in your room coming through the windows still contains UV radiation - standard window glass only scatters about 50% of the suns radiation so how you have stored your pots (in a cool dark place) is the best way to store any food :slight_smile:

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Yes @LLOYD_AF absolutely, the pouch instructions say to store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Assuming the tubs above are being stored in a cupboard or the nutrients will degrade faster.

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lol - i got these gallon glass jars on amazon. they are perfect- come as a pair and you can see the smaller glass jar for h&s is above. all in cupboard no problem.


What size/volume are the containers?

I’m in the UK and looking for replacement ones myself as I hate having to put my hand in the pouch.

The ones I use for H&S are 1.7L (they’re snug, but do the job)

The one I have for Huel Powder is 5.4L

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