Taking Huel H&S to Work

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have experience with using H&S at work (or travelling) with the dry food already measured out into the container?

I’m hoping to take the dry food to work in the container (Huel pot) and use the instant boiler or kettle once there to make up. Does any powder ‘leak out’ of the container when transporting, or any other issues when doing this? If so, does anyone use a different container to avoid this problem?

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Hi Daniel the H&S pot isn’t a full screw closure so if its shaken about in travel some powder may come out. the alternative would be to put the powder in a small ziplock freezer bag in the pot (you can reuse the bag everyday so its not particularly wasteful) or you could get a small food flask instead such as this which also has an integrated spoon.


Thank you for the recommendation Phil. I’ll certainly check this out. :slight_smile:

@Tim_Huel I wonder if this type of ‘travel’ container or ‘flask’ is something Huel would consider producing in-house?

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I use a food flask too. I just wrote Huel on the side with marker pen to make it seem special.


I’ve purchased a ThermoCafe (Thermos) 500ml food flask for a really good price (about half the price as shown on the Thermos site for the 470ml version). I got a slightly larger size just in case I have a larger portion at work. I had a 500ml water bottle previously so suspect this won’t be too big.

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I use the little freezer bags, craft size so my Huel just barely fits, and keep a couple of them at my desk just in case I forget to pack lunch.
I have a separate glass resealable bowl that I make and eat it in, wash afterwards, and leave it at work with my utensils.

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I did consider using some freezer bags, although when I measure out into my current Huel pot there is a fair bit of powder/dust that goes onto the bench. It may just remove the possibility of ending up with dusty H&S trousers at work if I were to use a Thermos flask.


I decant my Huel, whether savory or sweet, into old protein drink tubs. Cuts way down on the powder-everywhere situation.

is there a separate place to store the powder on this mate? until it’s time to eat and mix it into the hot water…

I carry mine to work every day in the pot, in my man-bag (I’m sure there’s a better name for it :rofl:) and never had any issues. It’s a bit wedged in so stays upright, maybe that’s the trick?

I don’t believe Thermos offer stackable compartments on their food flasks but many other manufacturers do.

Thanks will check some out on Amazon

The Thermos food flask has arrived. Seems very sturdy and leakproof, with a foldable spoon stored in the lid.

I plan on weighing out the H&S into the flask, then using the instant boiler at work. I don’t think I can make it any simpler than this.