H&S portable reusable container

Hello !
When I’m travelling for work I often don’t have time to buy groceries and cook, so I sometimes take some H&S with me, however it’s always a pain to have to take the whole pouch. I found some containers but it’s not easy use.

It would be nice if you could make reusable container that contains just the right dose of one meal !
Like the ones one can use for a baby’s powder milk, you have those plastic containers that can be stacked and with a screwable top thing to pour it

If somebody need more than a 400kcal dose he could just use several

What do you think ?

I use this:

or this:

I prefer the soup mug as the handle means I can hold it when it is hot.
I load with 2 scoops and pour hot water in to suit my texture.

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Hey Victor, this is definitely something which we wanted our reusable container for H&S to achieve, which @D90019 has linked to above. You would have got one with your first order of H&S. Could you let me know what it is about this which doesn’t achieve what you want it to? We would love the feedback!

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oh maybe I was not very clear
what I mean is taking a few days of H&S with me
for exemple I was out for work for four days, and I wish I had like 3 little stakable containers to take 3 doses of Huel with me, that way I can have 3 dinners without having to take the whole pouch.

like this we use for babie’s milk :

Ah I see, no problem and thanks for clarifying! It’s not something we are working on but that’s cool it’s something you would like to see from us!

I wonder how much size really could be saved though compared to just taking 1 x 7-meal pouch? Containers can be bulky :thinking:

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not sure if they have them in your neck of the woods - but here these things are called tiffin carriers - designed for taking warm meals on the go in separate portions.


Amazon sell tiffin carriers. Screw-top plastic containers are also good for carrying small amounts. Depends on how much you want to spend.

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I’d never thought of this but I really like this idea for carrying several portions to work.

yeah I often go for 2 or 3 days so I think it could be king of a gain in weight. I travel light and have just a small backpack !
anyway I was just wondering if it was something that was maybe planned…I guessed it’s not I find something ! :slight_smile: thanks

I use a Sistema soup mug too. Agree, they are great for this purpose.

My OCD couldn’t handle the thread title :stuck_out_tongue:

So when I go hiking or walking I use a burner to boil water. In the past I took H&S with me and carried it in a zip lock sandwich bag. Perhaps you could take these with you and put them in a lunchbox or tupperware container to prevent them from splitting.

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I’m going hiking this weekend and I just thought about it too ! good idea

Hey @Tim_Huel
The H&S reusable pot certainly does everything expected of it.

One tiny improvement that would really top it off though (imo) would be the inclusion of a reusable spoon/fork/spork(?!) with a place to store in on the pot.

I’m not saying its difficult to put a single utensil in my bag… just… this would really ‘complete the experience’.

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@AdventureGuyde how about getting a folding spoon/spork and using a rubber or elastic band to attach it to your pot?


Chopsticks! Slower eating, easy to carry, lots of alternative uses.

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Appreciate the comments/suggestions all!

As mentioned it really isn’t difficult, or even very onerous, to pop a fork or spoon (possibly now even chopsticks!) into my bag.

Just thought having one on the pot itself would be a ‘full package’.

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If you are eating Huel to lose weight, just pack one chopstick


I use a disposable tourniquet to attach my fork. Someone ordered a box to the clinic and they’re terrible for taking blood because they get stuck, so we’ve started using them for food clips all over the place.