Hot & Savoury Extra Cups

Loving the H&S both flavours are great and my wife loves them too but we only have one cup and can’t seem to buy one separately so we have to take it in turns each day as we both have it for lunch. Will you be making them available for individual purchase? Also, it wold be handy if there was a spoon in side as most metal ones are too long - it would make it so much easier to eat on the go or if your work kitchen is close due to Covid!

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Hey Lee! Welcome to the forum. We actually don’t have enough currently to put them on site. More information to answer you is here!

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treat yourself to a reusable folding one from any camping supplies store or Amazon :slight_smile:


If I keep buying Hot and Savoury I’m going to get one of these or something similar.

Mostly because I seem to remember someone saying that heat causes chemical to leach from plastic and I’d rather look a bit fancier when I eat my food.

I’ll write Huel in pen on the side of course, so everyone knows what I’m having still.

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Very snazzy @Tristan. I have some of these. Bought for incubating yogurt but ideal for Huel H&S


You should not have hot drinks out of PET plastic containers - such as the Huel RTD bottle - or leave them in the sun for any period of time before drinking out of them.

The Hot & Savoury cups are made from Polypropylene (resin symbol #5) and these are perfectly safe to use for hot food and drinks as they do not leach any chemicals with this type of use.


be a full brand boy and get a snazzy Thermos one with foldable spoon built into the lid :grinning:

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Ah. OK makes sense. I still have paranoia around it though, much rather use metal. Oh and not get a hot hand as I carry it about.

I’ve never liked thermos as a brand. No idea why, tend to much prefer Japanese-y style food containers.

but can you get them in tartan with a matching travel rug for those inexplicable A1 roadside picnics? :slight_smile:


I had one of these, very good quality. Gave it away as I never used it, clearly wasn’t thinking ahead enough :man_facepalming:

Lol…It never occurred to me to use a spoon. I’ve been using a fork.

So has anyone actually used an insulated thermal flask for taking H&S Huel out and about. Is it OK?

I’ve only eaten H&S when freshly prepared, is it still OK after a few hours, or does it go too mushy or what? I’m tempted to buy one but would like to hear of any positive or negative experiences first.

I’m guessing you would have to make it a little on the runny side to begin with to allow for delayed absorption of the liquid - like the powders?

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One experiment coming up especially for you @hunzas Do you have any preference? T&H or TGC?

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Yes, I assume so but I quite like it on the thick side.

TGT is my favourite but I’d use both if it works so whichever you prefer. I’m surprised there was the talk of flasks but no reports of them having been used.

I’ve only ever used one of my flasks for eating right away so this experiment will be useful for me too. If I make up a TGC now, then see how it is at 5 o’clock will that be long enough?

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Ace; I think most of the flasks only keep food warm for about 4 or 5 hours, I would imagine I’d be wanting to eat it within that time frame - so 4.30-5pm would be perfect :slight_smile:

Guess you could take a quick peak/ taste test after say 2.5 hours just to see it’s not a disaster.

Which flask to you have? A Thermos or another brand? Ah I see you mentioned it above, so ignore that

Ok, sounds sensible. Will do that.

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I opened the Thermos at 2pm to discover the TGC had solidified. Tastes fine though. Have added a bit more boiling water, stirred and sealed it until 5pm. I dread to think what T&H would be like as that starts out thicker than TGC!

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That does not look to appetising. It would put me off. I’m just too fussy I think. :exploding_head: