A hot ‘n savoury idea: ready-to-microwave pouches

Hello folks,

Off the back of the H&S new flavour ideas thread, I was wondering whether the Huel R&D Squad might be looking in to selling individual pouches of ready-to-microwave H&S? Similar to the pouches of two-minute microwave rice, beans etc you can buy in the supermarket.

A similar proposition to Ready To Drink if you like, but for savoury flavours - and probably a similarly-higher price point for the convenience.

The key benefits I can see are they would be ready-mixed with the exact right amount of water (so no risk of getting too much powder or too much pasta, for example), would be ready in about two minutes of microwaving, and there could be a wider range of ingredients and textures because there wouldn’t need to be so much consideration about using smaller components to ensure they all rehydrate when cooking.

I appreciate there’s a lot of potential issues - higher price point, more packaging waste, competing with the wide range of existing two minute rice/beans/etc pouches out there (but which of course aren’t necessarily nutritionally complete), and possibly needing to use preservatives, but still…

Just an idea! :slight_smile:



A RTE version of H&S :joy:

I love this idea Alex! You’ve identified some of the potential issues. But I’ve definitely found loads of benefit in the days before I used Huel for those (slightly expensive) tasty microwave rice and pulses packets! Love the idea of not needing to do anything to them (you could just eat them cold), but they would be perfectly mixed every time.

How we would manage the level of stodge I don’t know! But the NPD team are wizards of the highest order, so who knows what they can do!

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Would love to see this! Although I don’t like the idea of the added wasted packaging, the main frustration I have with Huel Hot & Savoury is that I’m usually left with mostly powder at the bottom of each back, it’s tricky to get the right amount of pasta to powder ratio each meal.

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Yes I agree that our aversion to this, like with powder samples, is the single-use packaging. I wonder what your expectation would be as a customer from these pouches?

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Sooo, if you have an aversion to single-use packaging, would you mind giving us the opportunity to buy H&S in bigger pouches? Let’s say a 21-meals bag, without the need of buying 3 of them? :slight_smile:


But it isn’t single-use! It’s 7-use (if you have 400kcal meal, many have less).

Also check out this awesome update on packaging (and pop any questions about recyclability/packaging in that, or a related thread :slight_smile: :point_down:

Sustainably Report Packaging Commitment


I don’t know about pouches but I love the RTE idea! How about a Huel “Pastie” or “Roll” from the chilled aisle?

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Loving your endless enthusiasm, @Tim_Huel :smiley: Thanks

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I know it’s not the worst, but it still could be better! No? :relaxed:

Not a good idea - you create a lot of waste. Sure it is “convenient” but I already struggle with the “lot of plastic” Huel bags shiny and glossy but waste… if I buy fresh stuff no waste…
having one pouch per meal is even worse…