Any chance for a new Hot & Savoury packaging?

I’d really appreciate new / different Hot & Savoury options as the current one really irritates me. I’m so far that quite often I eat something else so I don’t have to deal with the bag.

It’s one thing that the bag’s zipper is very bad and that there are better ones out there. A better zipper would make it a bit better, but wouldn’t solve the main problem.

You have to shake it, otherwise it won’t work. So even if you’d manage to use one of those better zippers, it would be a hassle, it still dusts, etc. I’d like to have small one-portion paper pouches. I don’t care if they are packaged together, but this would solve all the problems. No more shaking, no more differences between portions.

Stadi, I think it’s a reasonable idea, but the price rise would mean that it would lose many customers. Perhaps you could spend the time separating your bag into single portions?

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The downside of that would be, that those packages would probably be bigger and not as air-proof as professional ones.

There are also some Hot & Savoury versions that are more prone to “miss-shake”. Thai-Curry and Mac and Cheese for example. Every portion I do gets different with those. Single-portion packages would solve that problem as well.

I agree, it is a pain.
I decant my H&S into a plastic container, one big enough to fit the entire pouch and then some. I then stir it up with a spoon before scooping


I agree. I have often suffered from a bad zipper. Now I am banned from the local park.


I’ll chat with the team. Can’t be having a dodgy zipper (talking to @stadi not @hunzas, but also John sort it)

It’s difficult to overcome the settling. We already have people say the pouches are too small (as in too fewer portions in one pouch - 7). We don’t like the idea of single sachets from a sustainability perspective. Total packaging usage would go up which would have an impact on carbon emissions.

Thanks for this though, it’s definitely something for us to think about.


I agree that there could be more portions in whatever bag you next use, please.

I think that if there are more portions/larger bag - it would make keeping the ingredients combined in a good even mix would become even more difficult?

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