Thoughts on Huel packaging

Anyone else think the packaging could be improved slightly?

I was thinking along the lines of a wider opening, maybe I’m heavy handed but I seem to spill quite a bit of powder when getting the scoops out and I think it’s down to the opening not being quite big enough.

Also I find the seal quite fiddly, could this be improved with a zip lock? Maybe a one off but opening one of my flavour boosts the seal part was stuck together so tightly that it came off one side of the packet and now I have to use a peg to close lol.

Anyone else got any thoughts? I know the packaging can’t get too extreme as part of the philosophy is to save the planet.

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I actually think Huel has one of the best bags for complete foods.

My only wonder is volume since that they could probably hold twice the powder that they do… There always seems so much unused space after unfolding and opening.

Hi @Tristan - the pouch we use is actually the smallest we can use; this is because when the pouch is filled, there is a degree of force that would mean powder would spill out.

Huel powder pouches are great for me, I wouldn’t want them to change a bit. I’ve only really had issues with the flavour pouches staying closed.

I agree I think the packaging is fine as it is.

Huel bags I think are fine, but I agree with you on the flavour pouches! Fiddly and prone to spillage. Could just decant into a jar though so not a huge issue.

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We are looking to improve the Flavour Boost pouches as they aren’t optimal, sorry this has taken so long.


I find the packaging to be fine although was curious why it doesn’t have a bar code on it? Also with the ethics behind huel wondered if there was an intention to move away from plastics?

We’d love to find alternative materials for our pouches; however, we have to use something that provents degredation of nutrients over shelf-life.