Poor Packaging

Oh dear! What has happened to packaging? My last two deliveries have arrived with the ‘zip’ filled with ‘clogged’ powder and even my best attempts to clean them out the zips will not seal properly. Sadly I have had to transfer the powder to a hard plastic container. What a mess.
Is this just my bad luck or have others had problems with the packaging?
Product great, package poor!

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Do you have a male and a female on the zip? Once I did get a bag with 2 males or 2 females but it’s only happened once but to be honest I empty the pouch into a cereal type plastic food container anyway as I find it much less messier than opening the pouch each time.


I get a clogged seal from time to time. I don’t see how it can be avoided. I just run a knife along the grooves and that sorts it.

Autocorrect wanted to put “clubbed seal”.


I certainly hope my Huel contains no clubbed seals. That wouldn’t be vegan.

I’ve sort of noticed that my first delivery had a surprisingly solid ziploc seal, and the later ones were more iffy, but I’ve usually managed to work it into a reasonably closed state eventually. Like, I wouldn’t trust it with my life, but I do occasionally carry a pouch of Huel in a backpack or suitcase and have yet to have a powdery accident.

It’s a pickle fork for me.


There is a velcro type zip that is used by Sci Mx sport nutrition company with which to secure bags of protein powder. I think this system is very secure and would work for Huel bags.


Auto correct is trying to give away your private life!


That has happened to me since 2.3 in half of the bags

a few hard flicks to the outside of the bag along the top edge seems to dislodge most things in the ziplock for me although I only usually need to do this the first time its opened.


Exactly what I do.

Yep, me too. Though I do prefer to decant into a cereal storer which is then kept in a cupboard.

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Hi guys

I read the forum a lot but don’t often respond. The pouch seal is a personal bug bear of mine though, so I’m jumping in!

It’s has always been hit or miss whether you receive a pouch with powder in the zip or not. Sorry you guys experience that. However, we ARE testing something this month that we think will solve it :grinning: If it works, we will need a couple more months to implement. :crossed_fingers:



This sounds great James, thanks for the update!

It’s not just powder in the zip but sometimes there is powder between the zip and the seal so when you cut or tear off the top powder goes everywhere. I have the same issue with the cacao powder I buy.

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Understood. We know it can be both in the zip and just above it. We’re on it :+1:


That is great! Could you update with the problem and solution applied when the issue is solved? Its just a curiosity

Awesome News. I hope its successful and I am looking forward to seeing it with huel product soon!

I’m a great fan of the few hard flicks technique, but my wife not so keen.


She should be thankful you don’t use a pickle fork.


Pitch fork round here