Packaging recommendation


Many have had the same issue. Closing the pouch is a saddening experience. Product is great, but this is annoying and ruins the overall experience.

I know the knife fix. But there may be an easier fix. I assume this happens predominantly on delivery because the bag shunts around and the powder goes into the cracks. Why not ship them with the seal closed?or perhaps double sealed with an inch gap so at least the top seal will work if you store the bag upright.

Just a thought.

I has this problem at first, but after running a knife through both sides, the problem’s gone.

Maybe buy a big tub and pour it in straight away?

Buy a air tight container that’s best as huel packaging is rubbish lol sorry huel

How do the sizes of the tub correspond to bags of Huel?

Although the package isn’t the best I’m under the impression the bags are less harsh on the environment, like if you compared it to getting a huge tub every week. I’m sure I saw a photo a few days ago showing how little landfill space like a 100 years of huel packaging takes up, and it’s really not a lot. The best thing would be to get like an old protein powder tub if the bag really annoys you. But I just try to keep the powder off the seal, and store it all upright and I’m not having any issues yet.

Yeah, just one protein tub should suffice for most people.

I’m not sure how the sizes stack up. How many ML is in a standard bag of Huel?

I can just about get a 1.71KG bag in a 3.5L Ikea glass jar.

I’ve been using a £2 plastic cereal container I got from Asda, which works perfectly from a storage point of view but isn’t opaque. I’m looking for something better. That or I’m just going to paint the outside of the container I already have. :grinning:

I appreciate the feedback guys. Thanks