Huel Pouches Packaging


The Huel product is great I am very satisfied with my first order, however the packahing pouches are useless none of mine will reseal, do I just have a defective set or is anyone else expirencing this issue?

Welcome to the Huel community @JakeBacon1990

You are not the first experience this issue, the good news it’s an easy fix, see here:

I’ve just received my order and I’m experiencing a similar problem. I’ve used many resealable pouches for protein and prework out, but these seem below standard considering the price mark on huel. Is there any reason you use two bags rather than one larger bag? Surely it’s more environmentally friendly to make a weekly, monthly and maybe even a daily bad for travellers.

@Gethin_Fon_Jones thank you for the feedback.

Bag size is tricky, customers have different requirements, some want larger, some smaller. Personally, I think larger would be too large for the majority, Huel needs to fit in a kitchen cupboard and some people like to take a pouch to work.