Sachets instead of pouches?

Hey all,

I just wanted to gauge feedback whether people would rather individual serving sachets instead of the current bulk pouches?

I understand sachets can be more expensive and use larger quantities of material, however it would be interesting to hear everyones thoughts if this were an option?

Maybe the Huel team have something to say too?

If they offered sachets they would have to offers pouches as well, as not everybody has the same portion size. If you have 600kcal as a portion size you would need 1.5 sachets each time and that would sort of defeat the point of single portion sachets. I actually only have 360kcal each time, so I would end up with a rather pointless 40kcal of Huel left each time which I would then either waste or have to store for next time.

Not to mention the amount of packaging which is already out of control across the world would then increase enormously.

As I recall, back in the early days they did have single serve pouches available that some people found useful especially for travel – but mostly they didn’t go down well and were dropped.

As Coup pointed out – having small pouches for frequent use products like this is incredibly wasteful in materials, energy expenditure, packing, secondary packaging, labelling etc. When Huel released their sustainability report a while back, one of its focuses was on targeting having all of their packaging fully recyclable and/or containing 100% recycled materials within quite a compressed time frame.

I can’t see them leaning towards anything which would be less sustainable than what they have currently in light of that – indeed there have been suggestions in the past about increasing rather than decreasing pack sizes.

They were 100g sample packs but they were discontinued because they didn’t provide new customers the chance to experiment if their first shake didn’t go well.

the suffered the same fate as granola and Matcha then :rofl:

yeah I remember that now - tried it once didnt like it etc etc. I can’t remember which thread it was but I remember one once where the figure of a 14 serving bag made the most sense. cant remember the math or the why either.

:heart: Granola :-1: Matcha

Bring back Granola!


No. I like the pouches. No need for ind sachets

Sachets were useful, but now Ready to Drink (RTD) is the winner by far

If you’re using sachets then you’re probably traveling with limited resources - RTD is the best option (unless trying to get airside and there is no RTD…)

I used to work airside and I used to take 90g of powder in a container and an empty shaker and make up a shake the other side.

I like the ideal but dislike the waste. I’ve gone down the route of making 80 g servings in glass jars, by separating Hot and savory into powder and solids. Then weighing each component and dividing according.