Storage of Huel (To avoid the annoying seal on bag)

Huel-o, sorry its lame I know :slightly_smiling:

So has anyone tried storing Huel in an air tight container like these?

I hope to store one full bag and I’m not sure how many liters that would be? and is there a reason to keep it in the bag like to avoid sunlight etc.

Thank you.

It is best to keep Huel away from light, so glass is not ideal to protect the micros.

The seal on the pouch can be tricky to close sometimes. This is usually because there is powder in the seal. Just run a sharp point, e.g. knife or credit card, along the seal/coupling/groove to get the powder out. Hey presto, an easy to close seal. Saves you money too.


Fold bag and cloth peg it shut?

Someone posted empty protein powder tubs available on Amazon. I thought that was a clever idea.

The 4000ml tubs from Myprotein work great yeah. They hold one bag exactly and are big enough to scoop out of and empty Huel into.


If you are looking for a enamelled/metal storage solution this ‘cookie’ jar works very well. It takes a full size bag, with about an inch to spare. Its got a rubber airtight seal around the lip. The edges are curved and it doesn’t scratch readily so its really easy to clean.

For bonus points, you take the “Cookie” label out and write which kind of Huel it contains on the other side, which is really useful if you have both vanilla and unsweetened.

The good news is that we have new pouches on order which, fingers crossed, should solve the seal problem. I can’t believe I’m excited about a new pouch, but I am.


Excellent shout!

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4000 ml holds bag with ease. 1250 ml tub holds 17 scoops or 524g powder with room left for scoop.

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Nice! Glad you agree they work well.

I would prefer a container like the one you linked over these tubs. A square container with a large opening makes it easy to scoop out the last remains (so there will be no old powder in you glass). I put mine in a dark cupboard to save the nutritions.

@Julian Which is more damaging to Huel, occasional exposure to light (I keep it in a plastic container in an oft opened cupboard) or constant exposure to oxygen (when in the bag, I can’t be bothered to seal it properly every time)?

I would suggest keeping it sealed is much more important. Damp, bacteria etc can contaminate very easily and quickly and the powder will become rancid and inedible fast.
Exposure to light however will only degrade some of the nutrients slightly - so not making it unsafe to eat, but making it slightly less nutritious but still okay.


Thank you, Christina. You are making a good point.

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If not in direct sunlight it should be ok for a while.

We spent a lot of time to design a pouch with light blocking capabilities and a seal which should seal easily each time.


Thank you.

The Huel bag looks quite unique on the market. Any plans on doing a youtube video where the bag is submerged in water, exposed to hot heat sources, left on the road in strong sunlight, brought to very high altitudes where air pressure is lower, etc.? It would be a good fit for Huel’s youtube channel.

Umm, pardon?

Sainsburys’ Airtight Cereal Containers… the biggest ones. Each holds exactly 1 full bag of Huel powder.
Only downside: £10 a piece!


Do anyone know if he natural light + artificial light in a kitchen would damage the Huel stored in transparent containers?

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Yes it does, I mix it up with additional protein in a big protein container bin.