Smaller Bags?

My experience with Huel is overall rather positive, however, I find the large bags quite unhandy, difficult to manipulate. Most of your competitors have pouches containing either portion of powder for a single meal or a single day. If I count correctly, one bag of Huel contain powder for 3.5 days, if only consuming Huel. I generally prefer the resealable bags containg powder corresponding to one day consumption (i.e. roughly 2000 kcal) as the best solution. What do you mean?

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It’s something that has been raised before but we aren’t planning on going for it, the reasons are such:

  1. How much goes in each bag? Everyone requires a different daily caloric intake dependent on age, height, weight, gender, activity level. There is no standard intake.
  2. More pouches means so much more waste - by 26 extra plastic bags at least per order.

Hope that makes sense.


I wonder if anyone has suggestions on jars, containers for their Huel ? Including the flavour sachets ?

I’m struggling to find something that I can put on my (now largely unused) kitchen bench.

Also, I’m not much in favour of extra packaging - that doesn’t make sense.

I have this jar from Ikea, two of them actually. One labelled ‘V’ and one labelled ‘U/U’. They fit slightly less than a whole bag of Huel, but they look nicer on the counter and are easier to get into without making a mess. Huel bags live on a shelf in the pantry and only come out when I need to top up the jars.