Just received my first shipment, are all packets like this?

Hi, my first batch of Huel arrived today and all 4 of the bags seem to have an issue where the powder has crossed over the seal and filled the area thats suppose to be torn off. There is powder in every area of the seal and even after using the recommended credit card tip that came with the packaging i’m still having trouble removing the powder and securing the seal. I was wondering if this is how I can expect all orders to come in the future if I continue with the product? Thanks

Yup - the sealing strip isn’t actually snapped shut when it ships, so it’s normal for there to be powder in the top portion. My tip would be to tap/flick the top of the bag a few times before opening, so that any powder in the top falls down. You could also try banging the bottom of the bag on the table a couple of times before opening too, but I’m guessing that may result in you being greeted with a big plume of powder when you open it, so that might not be such a great idea.

Personally I find the credit card trick works perfectly for the seal on the big Huel pouches, but not so well on the flavour pouches. As such, I just roll the tops over a couple of times and clip them with a clothes peg/bulldog clip.

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As Arno says this is a current issue. However, we do have a fix we’re working on other than the credit card tip!

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@gulliver - that’s great to know. It’s been annoying me for sometime! Good work :slight_smile:

I’ve found the Huel bags are sealed but the flavour ones aren’t which is a pain.