Flavour packaging seal broken?

Hey all,

So, I have the U&U and it’s just a little too overpowering of a taste, which I expected anyway. So I decided to grab a flavouring, of which was Strawberry. Is great and really helps with the flavour, but I noticed that the actual bags seal is pretty poor.

The U&U Huel bag seal is great and I can fault it, but the flavourings is a smaller seal, but refuses to actually seal up tight. I felt like a bit of an idiot, sitting there for 5 minutes trying to get it to close up. Maybe this is just a red herring and faulty?

Has anyone else experienced this? Currently, It’s just open in my draw and can’t really transport it as it is, due to fear of a strawberry explosion of powder. Haha.

I don’t think the seals on flavour packs are great…I roll the excess bag up and then wrap an elastic band around it…not ideal but works for me. Having said that I don’t use them regularly…

Have your tried running a knife through groove to make sure no powder stuck in it. Sure i read somewhere that helped…

I actually did think of that and tried it, but to no joy.

Yeah, I just got my first flavouring today & same thing, tried the knife & also no joy. Will pick up some bulldog clips which will hopefully do the trick. Currently have a tin of tomato soup sat on top to keep them closed, probably not the ideal long term solution!

Hmm, glad I’m not the only one experiencing this then, in a way.

Fold down several times and use a clothes peg :slight_smile: works for me.

I’ve had 2 flavours so far, neither bag really seals properly, no obvious obstructions. I don’t really mind except when it sometimes puffs out a cloud of dust all over the place!

Yeah, the flavour system bags still have the old style of bag seal that the main Huel bags originally had. It’s pants.

Thanks for raising the issue. We are looking to source similar packaging for the flavour pouches as we did for the new large pouches, the smaller versions are not quite as good though so we are trying to find something better. Thanks for the reminder, for now as @JJMC says, grab a peg - suitably garish to compensate for the lack of colouring in the flavour - and seal it that way. Don’t worry, it isn’t just because you can’t work it out, the flavour is so fine it just gets in the seal.

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Told him not to touch the flavour bag


Oh my god. Now that’s a puff! I shall forever look on gratefully at my mere worktop dustings!

Once I cleared out the seal with a knife I haven’t had any problems sealing the bags. If it doesn’t work though why not just buy a klip-lock box from the supermarket and just empty it into those?

I usually just put an elastic band round any bags that won’t close.