First week feedback

Enjoying Huel, its basically everything I expected to be so not much to say there.

I am a bit disappointed in regards to some of the physical packaging though. Thanks for the t-shirt, but its child sized and I can’t even get my shoulders into it.

The seal on the bags is really annoying and difficult to get closed, and often pops open by itself. Yes, I’ve cleaned it with a credit card. It’s still bad and for something I need to open and close three or four times a day it really should be improved.

The Huel logo on my mug is washing off after only a few days and thats only with gentle handwashing and it getting splashed. Is a water resistant logo too difficult? I also think you should move the logo 90° around the mug, right now its either obscured against my body, or obscured by the plastic lid holding arm or fingers. It’d be a lot more visible (and less prone to smudging) if you placed it on the side instead, like opposite the measuring scale.

@sanovine thank you for the feedback.

The seal will work 100% of the time once the powder is removed. Make sure you remove it from the groove.

Not sure what the say about the t-shirt, the sizes are clearly listed and you would stated which size you wanted. The issue is probably that we list actual size, e.g small = 35 inches. Whereas a lot of companies these days make items bigger than stated, e.g. I recently purchases some shorts. I’m 32 waist and they were massive, I measured them and the shorts were actually 34 inches.

Ahhh. Now it’s clear… It was my wife who placed the order… and guess who is wearing the t-shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

I can also add that this weekend was 100% Huel, plus some crisps and candy. Loving my Huel :smile:

If you struggle with the seal then just fold the bag over and keep it closed with half a dozen clothes pegs.

I used to do the same with a peg, put once you open the pouch and clear the groove it will work every time.

Guys, that seal is still crappy. Please fix it, other companies manage that too. I don’t want to fiddle around with my credit card and/or pegs etc. It’s not a huge issue, but it is very annoying and it’s just bad product design. Sorry if that sounds harsh… the powder is of course really good :slight_smile:

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buy clothes pegs :)It works every time and no need to worry

Yeah, just bothers me that it doesn’t work as it should…

I have noticed that too. I can erase the logo with only a little scratch with my fingernail, too bad.
For closing the pouch, just roll it up on itself, and you’re done.

I’m just about 100% huel now, with an occasional shake replaced by something else. Loving it so far, and I already feel much more alert and energetic and less irritable than before (my diet was mostly junkfood).

I use a knife/scissors to open the bag anyway, & then straight after I run it along the groove, edge to edge, only takes a few seconds more and no issues since.

The flavour pouches, on the other hand, no amount of cleaning the grooves seems to make them seal easily and/or consistently, in my experience.