Bit of unsolicited feedback for my first post :)

So my first ‘proper’ bags arrived today - I doubt I have anything particularly unique to say but I hope the team finds some of this useful:

i) I messed up part of my initial sample order and also made a mistake when ordering the second one. The customer services people were great about it both times. Definite plus points for the company.

ii) The delivery guys… not so much. Seemed pretty good at first,giving a one hour time slot for delivery, but this is only worthwhile if they actually bother to deliver the stuff rather than pretending the package has been refused exactly one minute into the alloted time slot (the fact that they did this twice suggests that is the earliest time that Interlink’s software will accept for confirming refusal). Also, emails coming from Interlink have Huel branding on them, which may not make the Huel company look so good to some people. Next time I’ll get them to deliver to a store near my home since finding my very large office on a day when I had already received 2 packages from Hermes and one from Royal Mail was clearly quite perplexing to them. It’s also probably harder to pretend a DPD drop-off point has refused a consignment. I think if I hadn’t gone to Interlink customer services* I would still be waiting for the package, Maybe a company with more of a vague delivery time will be better at delivering - I can see how cack-handed incentive mechanisms might encourage drivers to avoid delivering packages which are running just a little late.

iii) The bags are much better than I expected. They seal up nice after use, completely unlike the ones on my protein powder. They also seem very sturdy. And no powder flew everywhere when I opened one, which is what I was expecting.

iv) The first-order t-shirt is much better quality than I was expecting too.

v) I opened the wrong bag this evening so have accidentally experienced the unsweetened version (I really should be a destruction-tester for companies who think they have developed idiot-proof systems). :expressionless: I can see how a savoury flavouring might work with this. I was a little surprised that u-Huel is more calorie dense but I suppose that makes sense. No aftertaste with it, not like the aftertaste on the vanilla.

vi) The “buzz”. Yeah, definite buzzy head after my first full Huel meal. I saw someone suggest it might be the niacin. In which case I say MORE NIACIN!!! :sunglasses: Though I also wonder whether it might be related to the headaches a couple of people have reported .

vii) I noticed a tiny bit of red plastic in the beaker before I drank it (the Huel, not the beaker). I drank it anyway since it was tiny and it didn’t bother me, though some people might not like it (the bag has the number 2495 above the expiry - not sure if that helps if you want to check that out).

viii) I’ve had a bad stomach recently and this was very gentle on it, which was good. Interesting feeling, I don’t feel like I’ve ‘eaten’ (no fullness in stomach), but I’m not at all hungry. Will be easy to eat ‘by accident’ after loading up on Huel calories I think (I’m very absent-minded).

So overall, pretty positive. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


  • which are not a patch on Huel customer service - they may have been implicated in the figuring out of how to deliver the package, but did not keep me informed despite promising a response within 24 hours, and their potential intervention resulted in the consignment being taken off their tracking system, so for a while I was not sure whether the package had gone back to Huel Towers…

I have had the red buts also, I assumed it was a seed that had given its life for my fulfilment.

Think the red bits are lycopene - unless you fished it out, felt it was plastic and put it back lol

Also had probs with Interlink, said package was being delivered on a particular day, was up at 7am and waited home until 7.30pm at which time it said it would be delivered the next day. Unfortunately I only took one day off work and not two so I missed it. As I take a dim view of poor service, I allowed the delivery to fail the following day to balance out the cost I’d incurred with the costs they’d incurred: they have no incentive to improve if failure costs them nothing. Taking a second day off this Friday so hoping they pull their finger out or Huel will be losing a £150 recurring order :blush:


If the red stuff I saw is actually the lycopene then please ignore that bit. :pensive:

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Yeah, it’s lycopene :slight_smile:
I’m surprised to hear you’ve had issues with the delivery - mine’s always been more than satisfactory

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I’m sure the deliveries must be working fine a lot of the time - these things are kind of random and also seem to depend on where you are.

Still, I’ll be getting them to deliver to a local DPD store and then pick it up from there in the future (I think I saw this was an option in the ordering system).