Next day delivery is back

We have caught up on the backlog, so next day delivery is back!!

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Just started using Huel, coming from Joylent. So far I am pleased with the switch. Except one thing. Your bags are not as good. Have you considered switching supplier?

We recently switch to a new pouch supplier, but are considering another switch.

Sounds good! Just a bit more sturdy would be great.

A lot of us are using 3.5L tupperwares that do the job nicely. Stops you getting powder on your arms but still means less rubbish.

I liked the joylent model of one bag = one meal but the amount of waste was crazy. Not to mention the fact my last order took nearly two months to be dispatched.

Good idea.
I think I should do something similar. I also have to agree about the waste. Clearly the joylent model was too wasteful. Perhaps the current bag size is fine, but just a studier model.

Box arrived today - looks awesome. I like the branding on the outside, no dents or scuffs. Also liked the sticker on the inside. Interlink are a great delivery company because you can see exactly where on a map the van with your Huel is and plan being around for the delivery accordingly.