Easter weekend

I am new to huel and devastated that i didnt realise deliverys over easter would take so long. I missed the ordering deadline by one hour so now i only have enough huel to last me 1.5 days until wednesday. Does anybody know if other websites sell it?

Also i have now set up reoccuring order. If i order 4 weeks worth, should i set the reoccuring 4 weekly to or 3 weekly to be ordered?

Is huel usually always next day delivery.


Used to be able to get it on Amazon, but just had a look and doesn’t seem to be there now.

Sorry pal, might have to just wait it out :confused:

Post a thread on this subreddit saying you’re looking to buy. You may not have any luck, but it will increase your chances. The SoylentMarket subreddit, much like the Soylent one, is open to discussion of any and all meal replacements, not just Soylent, so don’t be put off by the name.

Really sorry to hear you missed the cutoff for delivery. We’re a pretty small team and at the moment can’t facilitate bank holiday and weekend deliveries. We offer free next working day delivery if your order is placed before 3pm. If you want your Huel every 4 weeks, then set your recurring order for 4 weekly. As long as the order fulfills the above criteria then your order will be with you the next day.

I hope this helps.