Huel deliveries

Out of interest, given the current madness involving panic buying, is Huel’s availability going to be effected as all by current supply lines from abroad? My subscription renewed today and I was emailed saying it would take 4-6 working days longer than usual to deliver- is this likely to be an ongoing issue?

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I’d like to hear a bit about this too. My order’s currently a week late. Of course I know we’re in a crisis and appreciate those delays are unavoidable, but it’d help to have a bit more information. Particularly:

  1. Are the delays largely/solely due to increased demand and delivery issues, or are there supply/production issues?
  2. Regarding increased demand, is there any prioritisation of existing subscriptions over new orders?
  3. Does Huel have a position on restricting orders to prevent panic buying/stockpiling?

In regards to point 3 this would be difficult to implement because many people already buy in bulk and bulk purchase is encouraged - you get a discount for buying large quantities because this greatly reduces admin, fulfilment and delivery costs.

I placed my order 12 March and it arrived 14 March. Guess I was a lucky one.

I placed an order on the 15th and received it on the 18th, top company.

Hm, maybe I’m the exception? I hope it’s soon. My subscription renewed on the 11th and I haven’t heard anything.

I got one part of my order only a day later than usual (bars), and the rest hasn’t turned up yet (Black and white). I’ll wait patiently as things are a bit mental at the moment. I’ve still been charged for it all, but I have faith in Huel. They’ve never let me down.

I made an order Saturday 14th came on Monday 16th.

The rest are being shipped, just had email confirmation. Thanks Huel!

I too would just like some information.

My subscription was supposed to renew this past monday. I checked on it on tuesday and it said that the date was “invalid,” but when I clicked on it it said that there were delays of 2-3 days. Totally understandable.

Today I clicked on it and it said delays of 5-10 days. And the renewal date was changed to tomorrow… does that mean 5-10 days after tomorrow it’ll be sent?

Like, I really don’t mind either way. My card hasn’t been debited, I have other food in my apartment, and grocery stores are still open even though my country is in quarantine. It’s really not a big deal considering what others in the world are going through.

But it would be nice to know when to expect my subscription and if I should be doing anything. Would it help if I change flavors or reduce quantity? Are some of the flavors or sizes just run out? Should I edit the subscription to get the date back to today or is tomorrow the “5 to 10 days.”

Also I just feel kinda stupid here. My subscription was supposed to renew last week, but I pushed the date back a week since I still had like 6 halfish-bags, my apartment is small, and I thought that another week was no big deal. And now I just finished another bag this morning, 3 partly full ones left. Oh well, that’s no one’s fault but mine.

We have seen an increased demand for Huel, but don’t panic! We are on top of this and planning carefully to provide Huel consistently and reliably.

You may see a slight delay in delivery times as different countries put changes in place but we are doing everything we can to still deliver on time.

At the moment it’s demand, we are experiencing high demand at this time with sales exceeding forecasted expectations - we are attributing some of this directly to the virus.

It’s worth noting we do not have any concerns around stock levels and we have been working super hard to ensure contingencies are in place to meet unexpected demand.

Yes, if we do experience low stock levels, we will always try to ensure subscription are fulfilled as normal.

We understand that powdered food is a smart purchase for any time you’re stuck at home or moments you’re unable to do your shopping.

As there’s no liquid in Huel Powder, bacteria have trouble surviving, which means that the shelf life is much longer than most other food options, currently we don’t have any plans to restrict orders but if this ever changes we would make sure to update customers.

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