Question about my order

Hello! I have placed an order for the first time (my brother got me my first one)

Ergo, I put a subscription on, thinking I’d need it every 7 weeks
But I paused it then cancelled the subscription by mistake and I think I cancelled my whole order to be delivered or have I just cancelled the subscription?

I’m not the brightest :see_no_evil:

Did you get a confirmation email on the order, and have you gotten a note for delivery yet? If so, contact Huel with details and ask with them to confirm. The order confirmation at least should be automatic I believe.

I got a confirmation email but no note for delivery

Can I ring them?

It being the weekend, probably not? But since subscription part is not due for another 7 weeks and the order seems to have gotten through, it seems like enough time?

Did the order go through at the proper price deduction for the subscription?

Order went through with it yeah

Hopefully they respond tues so I can place another for Wednesday :pensive::pensive: