Subsciption cancelled shortly after first buing


I accidentally ended the subscription shortly after starting it. I thought I will be able to undo or change this decision but my subscription completly dissapeard from list. Im worring about the first delivery and my money now. I’ve got this order in history, but I don’t have it in subscriptions anymore.
The first delivery will be sent to me or not? What I can do now? I really want my order and I don’t want to lose my money. :confused:
I’ve got also a mail about the succesfull placing this order and order number, but not about cancelling anything.

Don’t worry, you haven’t cancelled the order. It’ll come. Just drop an email to and give them a day or two to get to it, if you’re still worried

Thanks for the answer!

How long it takes between placing an order and receiving mail about delivery? Maybe I should wait some time to be sure that Huel is preparing my package for shipment?