Thank you Huel!

Hi guys

Just wanted to say thank you - I think it’s important to support new, worthwhile businesses. I’ve been living quite a busy lifestyle recently and your product has been enormously beneficial to me. Interlink delivery is also superb.

Feel great and have much more time on my hands.

Hope it stays so convenient and affordable for a long time to come.



I agree - even taken to wearing my Huel shirt (which fits much better now I’ve been Hueling for a couple of weeks) to the Gym, Yoga and the office. I’ve almost persuaded one guy onto the ship and the wife is going to join in soon.

It’s a wonderful time saver, it really is.

Personally, I’m really into the lifestyle of having Huel for breakfast and lunch, then a normal meal in the evening. I like to sit down and enjoy a meal in the evening, but during the day I just want to be fueled as efficiently as possible. For me, it is the perfect way to use Huel.

Sometimes I have 100% Huel days, though, if I can’t be bothered to cook anything in the evening.

Have to second the appreciation for Interlink/DPD for delivery. They’re amazing, and in-flight redirect to a pickup shop is just perfect for me (and if all else fails their depot isn’t hard to pick up from around my way). I hope Huel never switch to something cheaper and awful.