I love you all - thank you

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who contributes here. I’m proud of the community we have built together. helpful, friendly, intelligent people, and no trolls. Love it.

It makes me all warming inside and bring a little tear to my eye. So thank you.


Hi Julian,
You are in fact building a real community here. I like that you leave the criticisms/concerns that people have and also give a quick, genuine response. It really builds confidence in the product and also makes me feel somehow part of the development of things. I feel like what people contribute means a lot to you. Thanks so much for the product and for the way you are managing your communications. I really love it all.


Thank you @Ljala :blush:

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Yes I’m only on my second order of Huel, and haven’t posted much on this forum; it is good though that there doesn’t seem to be any keyboard warriors, only sensible responses.

Oh and I’ve got someone else on Huel too! Lovely little discount for me hahaha!


welcome @geoffr70 and thank you for spreading the word.

New to this but love you more! This product is what I’ve been waiting for. Been perfect for my active lifestyle, fueling up before mountain biking and not having to worry too much about being sluggish from digestion etc. I do feel like I have a lot more energy too.
Thank You


I just placed my order switching from Jake with which I was happy and also was a bit cheaper. But what I didn’t like was that they haven’t updated their formula, blog, sent an e-mail, an update, whatever from half a year ago when I started consuming it. Huel on the other hand is the complete opposite. The fact that I could see other’s opinions and Julian’s and Jame’s almost instant responses is a great asset to Huel, enough to make me switch. I am hoping to like it as much in terms of taste and also I hope the drop in laziness wont bother me as much (Jake had single meal bags and super smooth results in 5 secs of shaking).

Many EU soylents offer free EU shipping, is it possible that you offer the same someday? If not why?

Unless I’m missing something all free shipping is effectively shipping costs rolled into main price. Which I’m not adverse to, as it makes the price system simpler, but we should call it what it is, “shipping included in price”.

Free shipping is a lot clearly and catchier.

We would love to offer free EU shipping but it’s just too expensive. Maybe the couriers in the UK charge too much. Maybe in the future we can have regional hubs around Europe and then offer free EU shipping.

Yes, I echo what Julian has said in his initial post. I’ve been running forums for 15 years and this community certainly has a positive vibe. Please keep the feedback coming.

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I’d like to thank you Julian, its the best thing I’ve done in years. I have a new energy that my work colleagues have noticed, mentally I’m sharper and losing weight too. My sleep is great, I actually wake up refreshed. I feel reborn on this stuff. Losing some weight, which seems easy then hitting the gym, so I can only imagine what life has in store beyond this.

Ive always worried about getting the right nutrients and balance, I’m land locked with take aways where I live but have never felt the urge to binge and delighted my body is now getting what it needs. It seems expensive but its a premium quality product. It shows you what a finely balanced machine the human body actually is, which I hadnt realised until I found HUEL. Thank you for a marvellous product.



Thank YOU for providing such a great product. I find myself quite a rarity when it comes to admiration. What I mean by that is if you were to stand next to sporting idols such as Ronaldo or Messi or some band of kids who make millions, I’d rather meet and quiz you because I feel you’d actually have some substance to your personality, and secondly, I’m interested in what you stand for.

So there. You’re more of a superstar than the two best footballers in the world! (I detest football…!)


Let’s build a better world together


Thank you for very kind words @Blenks :slight_smile:

@Brother that is great feedback, love it :slight_smile:

Thank you @Julian!

I’m enjoying my Huel so far, people at work seem to think I am juicing protein shakes or slim fast… Maybe they should learn to read and google…

Hope you can develop something solid though. I feel like my insides must think that I am an infant again…


Hi @julian ,

I haven’t posted here before but I’m on my third order of Huel and am feeling really good about it. I’m on about 1500 calories of Huel a day and up to 500 calories other food.

I’m 3 years in remission from Cushing’s Disease and wanted more control of what I was eating. It’s been a great help with weight loss and I don’t feel the need to snack unhealthily. I should at last reach my target weight for August.

When people at work ask about what I’m eating I tell them about Huel and show them to the website. I told my Mum it was a bit like fortified porridge and she liked the idea.

I posted about my experience on Quora in answer to a question about Huel.


Awwwww, That’s nice. You are a good guy Julian. Your commitment to this is extraordinary and the whole community is extremely grateful and thankful towards you for it. This is not normally a product I would “trust” right off the bat as I have not trusted others, but every piece of information was there. Including a whole forum of testimonials.
The fact that people can come here and not be at the mercy of google and reddit research is huge and allows for constantly evolving knowledge and experience sharing, with a fun little twist of misinformation here and there adding to the joys of foruming ^.^

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Thank you guys. You’ve made this possible.

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@ShishaCat @Pott55 thank you both :heart:

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Just finished week one of 2 per day (240g) and absolutely loving it. I have it for breakfast, a meal at 10, for lunch and dinner with the family. It makes it so much easier to hit my macro’s consistently and fills me up as a meal would. The vanilla is spot on and i love the fact it’s vegan!! The facebook add was well worth the money as thats where I saw Huel for the first time. So glad I did!

Thank you and keep up the good work