Congratulations Huel

I’d just like to leave a quick shout-out to the team behind Huel. I realised this morning, while making my Friday batch, that I’m completely happy with the current Huel. The U/U now mixes well, tastes good and keeps me in reasonable health. The quality of the overall experience is very high. Ordering, delivery, consistency, interactions with support, recipes and yes, even the Forum have all reached a real quality.

When you take a look at the effort, care and knowledge that has gone into making the base formula, compare it to others out there it’s amazing how far Huel has come. I salute it’s creators for sticking to their principles and providing such a “clean” product.

Huel you should take a bow.


Couldn’t agree more

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That is honestly the nicest thing anyone has written to us, thank you so, so, so much. :tada: The most important thing to us is your experience, it’s great to hear that the team have been doing some good stuff.

The most sincerest of thanks from the whole team, who by Monday would all have read this :blush: