First Order, Introducing Myself!

Hey there, I’ve been just absolutely obsessed and ecstatic about Huel for the last few weeks. I finally took the plunge on that first order and the more I read the more confident I am that this will help me make the changes I want. I have a pretty standard office 8-5 work day every day, and a few social obligations and hobbies that have kept me overwhelmed. My diet has been consistently garbage over the last two years and I’ve been so tired, trying to cook or wasting money on groceries I don’t use. I either barely eat at all anymore or I just eat fast food or something. Huel was something in the back of my mind that, after looking into it, was just everything I wanted. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with everyone here ! I’m broke, 20yrs old, and live alone. Even got my partner and a friend to join me in on this !

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Welcome aboard, I hear what you say about. It being bothered to eat!

Huel has definitely helped me out in that regard, if you can’t be bothered to spend 30 seconds making a shake and whizzing it up in the blender there’s probably no hope lol.

Anyway, hope things go as well as you anticipate, the crowd here is generally helpful so any questions etc give us a yell. There’s usually someone with a clue (rarely me!) :joy::joy::joy:

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Welcome, welcome!

Go easy at first. Give your body time to get used to Huel (in whatever form you choose). And have fun with it!

Oh, and @Talort is being overly modest - he’s one of the most clued-up contributors I’ve come across here.

Hey @embritis welcome to the Huel team, great to have you hear and I am stoked by your enthusiasm, can’t wait to hear how it’s all going for you! Huel is going to be a lifesaver I’m sure.

What Huel have you got?


I’m new too having started with Huel over the last week. I ordered two bags of the Black Edition in Vanilla and Banana flavour.

I’ve found using my Nutri Ninja blender and storing the shakes overnight in the fridge the best method. It’s also great cause no faff in the morning, it’s just ready to go. I’m WFH at the moment so not a big deal but at least I know if I do return to the office then I’m going to be good to go.

I did try the old shaker and give it some welly but the grainy texture put me off. This doesn’t happen with the method above.

The banana is definitely my favourite out of the two I’ve tried. I’ve also tried the vanilla and chocolate RTD that I found in Sainsbury’s but still banana black edition is numero uno for me at the moment. Blows my mind how it smells and tastes exactly like a fresh banana! :yum:

I’ve got another bag of banana and the coffee caramel flavour next along with some bars to try and the Berry RTD (couldn’t find that flavour in Sainsbury’s!). Also tempted to throw in a bag of the hot & savoury!

In terms of how it makes me feel, then its great. I’ve struggled with protein powders in the past but I’ve had zero stomach issues with Huel. It’s why I was reluctant to try Huel in the first place but now I’m so glad I did (with it being a powder it made me nervous that it would upset my stomach). It makes me feel good and also it feels me up right through from 8am till 1pm. Must be those extra quality ingredients it uses with none of the cheap ones inside.

I almost gave up after day one and my bad experience of shaking it by hand so don’t judge it if it’s not perfect to begin with. Theres lots of articles on here and elsewhere online that will help you make the most of your Huel.

I hope you enjoy it as much I am. :grinning:


Great advice, thanks Tom!

Yessssss, it really does! I’m all about Coffee Caramel Black Edition at the moment, but looking forward to getting involved with Black Banana.

Love to hear this, it’s definitely one of the most surprising things people find with Huel - how filling it is.

Keep it up!