So very new


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hi everyone :blush:

I have ordered my first Huels - New Vanilla and mint choc chip with the flavour boosts samples :milk_glass:

I am trying to create a solid meal routine as my shifts at work are all over the place!!! I eat junk to prop myself up as I eat at crazy times through the day (depending when lunch is scheduled for me)
So hoping I can nail down breakfast and lunch first, then look to regularly snack healthy and cook epic dinner.
Next goal is to have a veggie day every week. I seriously love meat and fish, but want to see what the effects of veggie foods have in me (if any)
Wish me luck Huelers :fist:




Welcome and Good Luck!
Look forwards to hearing how your first Huel meal goes.
Have a good read of the forum for plenty tips on how to make it most enjoyable :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the tip :star_struck:
kind of excited to try this :slight_smile:


I think Huel is on the whole a liquid meal routine unless you eat mainly bars.


You’re continually pretty quick off the mark, I’m becoming envious of this superpower.


Believe me the charm quickly wears off


I’m hoping to only replace 1 meal per day. I think I would get pretty sick of it if I had any more. I am also hoping the enthusiasm lasts a wee bit :rofl:


I’ve been replacing 1 or 2 meals a day for over 2 and a half years…and I still enjoy it.


That’s reassuring :slight_smile: read so far that should keep it in the fridge overnight and it might get lumpy if I don’t use a blender. Some of the recipes I have seen look good though :apple::strawberry::banana::peach:


Keeping in fridge overnight is definitely a good thing to do. I don’t use a blender very often. It can make it more smooth, but generally the shaker is fine. I don’t even shake it very much. Put some liquid in first though and use the grid.


To be honest, I find a blender unnecessary. I tried using one at the start but didn’t find it any better than using the shaker (with grid) and giving it a good shake.


Awesome! I will try that :smiley: :+1:
I will just go at it unless I’m blending in fruit :slight_smile:


Yeah, that will need a blender. Day to day though should be ok to shake it.


wicked thanks so much :grin: I got this :muscle:


:heart_eyes: I’m getting my delivery tomorrow. That’s really quick :slight_smile: well chuffed


I received my ‘care package’ today :slight_smile: that was so super quick!!! going to make a wee one up to try - going to try the choco-milk with some choc soya milk in it :sweat_smile:
I’m other news, I just tried oat milk for the first time ever. WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE???:heart_eyes:


Oat milk is AMAZING! I love oat milk in my coffee its so good!! :ok_hand:

Im receiving my huel mint chocolate chip soon and im so excited to try it :slight_smile:


I’m just having my first ever the now and it is LUSH!!! really impressed :heart_eyes:


How many calories per 100 ml are there in oat milk? I mostly use almond milk because it’s something like only 13 cal per 100 ml.