So very new


46 kcal per 100ml :yum:


Barista edition is 60 calories per 100ml


Thanks.That’s not so bad. I think I may start putting oat milk in my coffee. I don’t think I need the Barista one because I don’t need the foam on top. How hard would it be to make oat milk, I wonder?


I really dont know how easy it would be, I’m not in Kansas anymore. I’m going to YouTube it and find out.
I could just drink it, it tastes amazing!




Thanks. Sounds simple enough :slightly_smiling_face:


Two things to watch with making your own oat milk. Firstly bear in mind the bought ones often have added vitamins, which might not be an issue for Huelers. Secondly in terms of consistency over blending the oats can make the drink quite slimey - and oat milk will thicken when heated. So fine for normal use, but don’t try making a latte with it (I think shop bought ones have additional ingredients to prevent this).

You may also have trouble balancing the flavour (bought ones often have a bit of flavour and sweetness added), and trying to do my own I found I’d often severely under or overdo these things. If it’s nice without then stick with that!


I won’t be making it just yet, but will certainly bear all that in mind when I do. Thanks!


@Africorn That was Oatly Barista Edition. Hunzas put me on to it. It is not foamy but apparently can be foamed. Tastes great on Huel granola and in tea or coffee, though I tend to drink my coffee black these days.


I have made my own almond milk but wasn’t too impressed. Almonds are expensive so it’s cheaper to buy ready made, especially when on offer.


That’s the best oatmilk for sure. Great in coffee.


To be honest it’s the only oat milk I’ve tried but I love it.


Hi Kym,

The fridge affect has been the difference of feeling hungry or not for me. I have however only been going 2 days :slight_smile:


Just tried toffee flavour today :slight_smile: Yuuuuuuum :heart_eyes:


I have a bag of that which I acquired when I bought some unwanted Huel from someone, but I haven’t really tried it yet - how much do you use? I only tried one of the flavour sample packs too… I suppose I should be a bit more adventurous.


mines is from the sample pack so I’m not too sure.


Toffee tastes pretty much like New Vanilla IMO


I’ll try it :slightly_smiling_face:


Even I tried it on your recommendation and found it even better than dairy for coffee. I’m converted!
Pricy stuff though. Grabbed the chocolate too which was so tasty I drank it all :eyes:


Oh man, chocolate Oatly is heaven.